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Metallic Bubble Bags For Marketing

Metallic Bubble Bags For Marketing

Its quite normal for most companies to send their bulky items in padded envelopes these are usually white or manilla. I have to say these envelopes do the job they have been designed for and you can't fault them for that. Marketing & Branding agencies have gone that step further and are now using metallic bubble bags or coloured padded envelopes for sending those items.

Metallic Bubble Bags

These are so attractive and extremely eye catching and they add that luxurious feel which many of there clients need. Getting noticed and remembered is vital in this competitive market and this is how the marketing experts are doing just that. For example your brand colours maybe red or black, if you sent your direct mail piece in a red or black padded envelope each time your customers would know they are from you and increase that brand awareness. You can buy Metallic Bubble Bags at wholesale prices from All Colour Envelopes, with just a 1 box minimum, giving you the chance to test out without a huge outlay. You'll find they have a huge impact increasing responses and brand awareness. Stay ahead of the game like these marketing experts!

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