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The All Colour Envelopes Blog

  • The Impossible Envelope

    The Impossible Envelope

    Happy new year to you all! As the month of January is national ‘brainteaser month’ we thought we’d have a little fun and get your brain in gear to kick start 2020. Grab a pen and paper and give this a go.

    Can you draw the IMPOSSIBLE ENVELOPE?

    Without lifting your pen off the paper or going over the same line twice, can you draw the picture below?

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  • Royal Mail January 2020 Price Rise

    Royal Mail January 2020 Price Rise

    Royal Mail have just announced a rate increase across some of their services, which will come into effect 2nd January 2020, with 13 different mailing services affected by the rise!

    While it's nice not to have the price hike before the busy Christmas season, these price rises do hit immediately in the new year (which is only 5 weeks away)! Here's what you need to know.

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