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coloured envelopes

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  • How Colour Psychology Can Give Your Business an Edge

    The importance of colour is often underestimated. The automatic thought process linked to different colours can be very powerful, with perceptions and assumptions made without even realising.

    Subconsciously certain colours evoke moods and emotions and with the knowledge of this you can step-up your business tenfold – from your company logo, to giving that marketing campaign a boost, to motivating staff!

    Use our Colour Psychology Chart below as an ‘emotion guide’ to assist choices:

    psychology of colour

    Colour Influence in Everyday Life

    We are constantly influenced by colour in day-to-day life, from the colour of the walls in your home or office to the clothes that we wear. The colours, shades and tones around us are playing a massive part in our emotions and mood. A room furnished in soft colours can be calming, while the same room furnished in bright, vivid colours can be stimulating.

    It’s worth noting that not only visual senses are affected - colour has a big play in both taste and smell too! The crossover between the sensory pathways of vision, taste and smell are all linked. For example, the colour grey has been found to evoke the smell sensation of smokiness, while colours around the green / yellow range can evoke taste sensations of sourness.

    Take a look at the 2 plates of food below – which excites you more and seems more appetising?

    Colour influence on food

    The vibrant, colourful dish seems much more inviting than the plainer option and so we are naturally drawn to it - that's the power of colour psychology.

    Using Colour Psychology To Give Your Business an Edge

    Choosing the right colour for your branding or campaign can have amazing impact. Whether you are looking to evoke feelings of trust, power, fun or mystery to your customers, this can all be achieved without a single word being spoken, purely through the power of colour. A recent study titled “The Impact of Colour on Marketing” found that a massive 90% of snap judgements about products are based on colour alone!

    With the knowledge of how colour makes us feel, let’s take a look at some other examples in everyday life. Large, well established company logos are a perfect example.

    colour psychology in logos

    You can take this information a step further also by looking at shades and tints. Studies have shown that men tend to prefer bright, vibrant colours while women seem to prefer softer colours, such as pastel shades.


    Choosing a colour and shade that suits your product and customer can have a very positive outcome on sales and response rates.

    The Power of Coloured Envelopes

    Choosing colour to suit your product and target audience can really make a difference, whether designing a company logo, colour scheme for a campaign, staff uniform or of course stationery – and naturally that includes envelopes.

    Just as before we mentioned that a bright, colourful plate of food appears more appetising than a dull bland one, this theory carries over. You’ll often see us quoting that a coloured envelope is 9x more likely to be opened than a white one. This is no random statistic - with the science and proof of all mentioned so far, this makes absolute logical sense.

    Take a look at the image below. Which envelope is likely to interest you the most, without any knowledge of contents?

    Envelopes on doormat

    Most likely you chose the yellow, pink or black envelope. The plainer white and manilla envelopes are automatically assumed to contain something ordinary or unwanted (such as a bill!).

    Do you want your customers to be excited at the prospect of opening your mailing? Do you want them to pay attention to your posting ahead of others? The answer has to be a resounding yes, so the obvious solution is a coloured envelope!

    Convinced? We stock a range of every colour envelope you can imagine – feel free to browse our options by colour from the links below:

    Red Envelopes >>
    Blue Envelopes >>
    Black Envelopes >>
    Yellow Envelopes >>
    Green Envelopes >>
    Orange Envelopes >>
    Purple Envelopes >>
    Pink Envelopes >>
    Grey Envelopes >>
    Silver Envelopes >>
    Gold Envelopes >>

    Or for more advice please email or call 01273 486026 – we’ll be happy to help.

  • Create A Real Marketing Impact Using Coloured Envelopes

    As you probably know, it's not easy to stand out as a business. With so many other companies creating new and inventive ideas this only makes it more difficult. I want to show you how you can really create an impact using coloured envelopes for different product mailings.

    The first thing to think about is the size of the envelope, as this will determine many things: Colours available, Cost of postage, Weight/Quality of envelope, Stock product, Bespoke making... You can see what i mean.

    Envelope Size Advice:

    1. I would always suggest to use a stock size envelope as this will be far cheaper than a bespoke made envelope. Choosing a 'standard size' envelope such as C6, C5, C4 or DL will give you the most variety of options from stock. The other great advantage is you can have the envelopes delivered next day from stock.
    2. If you are choosing bespoke made envelopes then its well worth ordering for future as this can be a very expensive option in low quantities. Although they tend to cost more you can choose the exact Pantone Colour you want, the exact size you need & many other weight/quality options.
    3. The best piece of advice when designing anything that will require an envelope is to work backwards. Think about the envelope first, before you decide the size dimensions of the product going inside e.g. brochure or greeting card.
      We have so many calls every week with people struggling to get an envelope to fit. Usually a designer will have created a stunning beautiful brochure, but didn't consider the envelope and now cannot get one to fit. Please don't fall into this trap, as your envelope options will go down and your cost will go up. You could end up packaging your beautiful brochure in an envelope that doesn't suit or fit well, spoiling the overall result.


    Choosing the Colour of Envelope:

    1. The colour is very important as you will want to create an impact that makes people want to open your envelope. It's known that using a brightly coloured envelope will increase response rates & has a much higher open rate. We also stock an excellent range of black envelopes, red envelopes, yellow envelopes and many other colours.
    2. If you don't like the idea of using a brightly coloured envelope choose a coloured envelope that matches your brand colour/s as this will add to brand value/recognition & customers will remember your mailing long after the envelope has been thrown away.
    3. If you can't find the exact colour for your brand you could get a pantone matched envelope which would be more expensive than a stock colour on low volumes.
     Coloured Envelopes coloured board envelopes metallic bubble bags

    Choosing The GSM Or Quality Of The Envelope:

    1. The GSM or 'grams per square metre' as otherwise known is important too. The higher the GSM number, the thicker the paper will be. A greeting card envelope will usually be 100gsm. Our mainline coloured envelopes are all 120gsm (which is the same paper thickness of the highly regarded Conqueror Envelopes). You can work up the scale to a card envelope at 350gsm+.
      Generally the higher the GSM, the higher the cost of the envelope. But don't let this put you off ordering a higher GSM, as this has many benefits.
    2. Higher GSM envelopes will offer more protection to your marketing material, plus look and feel of higher quality. Do be aware that a thicker paper / higher GSM will weigh more, so be careful not to creep above Royal Mail price brackets.
    3. Think of your target audience - if you're targeting prestigious customers then use a higher GSM envelope, for a more luxurious impression.

    To create a high impact direct mail piece, simply choose a brightly coloured envelope or a colour that matches your brand. You should also choose a paper GSM/weight that is suitable for your marketing material and suitable for your end user. And always remember to work backwards, choosing your envelope before designing your brochure / card / marketing pack!

    For more direct marketing tips, be sure to follow All Colour Envelopes on Twitter


  • How Coloured Envelopes Can Improve Your Business

    It’s a competitive world out there and we’re all in business for the same reasons – to make money. While every company has a different approach to their day-to-day life, the end target is the same – increase sales to make more money. Marketing and promotion play a key part in achieving this.

    Direct mail is more trusted

    We’re living in a digital age, so an email or online promotion may seem the obvious way to go, but is it the most effective? Email marketing has it’s place, there’s no doubt about that, but direct mail marketing has so many advantages:

    • Significantly better response rates when approaching new customers

    • Recipients feel more valued - receiving a letter made 57% of people feel valued (as opposed to just 17% receiving an email)

    • You appear more trustworthy – 25% of consumers consider direct mail more trustworthy than email offers

    • You’re more likely to be remembered -  80% of adults keep some mail sent to them by companies in the last 4 weeks

    • You’ll get shared - 23% of all mail gets passed round the household

    • Higher delivery rate – around 50% of all emails end up in a ‘spam’ folder, while only 5% of direct mail is un-deliverable!

    Let’s take this a step further. You’re probably thinking ‘how can I get the best results from my direct mailing?’ You can have the most fantastic leaflet, letter, brochure or promotion on offer, but if your recipient doesn’t open that envelope to see it, then it’s completely wasted.

    coloured envelopes A selection of our Coloured Envelopes, featured here in C6, C5 & DL


    So, which is the best envelope to use for direct mailing? A coloured envelope is 9 times more likely to be opened than a plain white one. So you could choose a colour of envelope to match your brand (perhaps a subtle yet intriguing grey envelope),  product or quite simply the time of year (such as red for Valentines Day, or green envelopes at Xmas), instantly improving your open rate 9-fold - wow! Or you could take a cheeky little tip from us and go for a bright yellow envelope. In split testing, our Canary Yellow Envelopes had significantly higher response rates than any other colour tested!

    Coloured Envelopes are 9x Better

    Let’s look outside the ‘promotion’ box for a moment. Branding and packaging is equally as important. Think back to the last few items you received in the mail – do you recall clearly each letter that arrived in a white window envelope? Or every package in a plain manilla brown box? Probably not!

    Now, if you’d received a bright, shiny metallic purple bubble bag or, say a cow print envelope, would you remember this? Definitely! You’d remember the company, probably feel a bit special, most likely tell your friends and certainly be more likely to re-order.

    You’ve heard the statistic that a happy customer tells 3 friends. Well, an impressed customer tells a lot more than 3! They seem to tell their entire Twitter and Facebook feed (so potentially thousands), as many of our customers have reported back to us. Wowed by that bright yellow gloss bubble envelope or shiny purple foil bag, recipients love to photograph their unexpected beautiful packaging – then upload, tag and share with the world! You can’t buy advertising like that.

    Don't forget to consider envelope size too. Standard sizes like DL envelopes, C5 envelopes and C4 envelopes are all available in colour format, but the cost of postage varies on size. First point is to choose your contents, then envelope colour, then envelope size! If you need a little assistance with envelope sizing then check out our handy envelope size guide.

    Whatever your mailing, if you want to get opened, create an impression, be remembered and make your customers feel that extra bit special, then it’s all about coloured envelopes!

    Call 01273 486026 or head to to view an extensive product range, prices and more info.


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