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Use Black Envelopes to Send Stylish Letters

Use Black Envelopes to Send Stylish Letters

When you write a letter or send a greeting card to someone, will it not be a good idea to use an impressive envelope? A well crafted, coloured envelope really prompts the recipient to open your letter and read it on time. While choosing an appropriate colour for your envelope, it is wise to go for something that can be used for both formal and informal mails. Black may not be a very common colour when it comes to stationery items but it certainly does give an elegant look to envelopes. You too can use a black envelope to send letters, greeting cards, invitations and also business mails.

The purpose of sending a direct mail is fulfilled only when the mail or letter is actually read by the intended recipient. A letter enclosed in a black envelope bears a trendy and classy look that compels the recipient to open it and read further - after all only a meaningful and important mail will be put in a carefully chosen stylish black envelope!

Black envelopes can be purchased in different sizes from C4 to C6 and also in a DL style. If you prefer a square shape for your envelopes, you can surely get a bunch of those in black colour. For the ones who need to send an unfolded letter in a large black envelope, the size C4 proves ideal. A size A4 letter folded once can be easily put inside a C5 sized black envelope. When you prefer to fold your A4 size letter twice, simply slide it into a C6 or DL black envelope.

Want to send a gift or beautiful picture to someone? The thought of using an ordinary or banal envelope is not very pleasant. If you’ve clicked or chosen a nice picture, it should also be presented in the right way. With a black envelope to enclose the photograph, you can also create an element of surprise – the opaque colour makes the recipient more curious to check the contents of the envelope.

You can purchase a set of black envelopes and use them to send invitations for a party or get together event. Use a glazed silver or golden ink pen to put the name of the recipient on the top. To make it a little more colourful, you may stick a small piece of white paper on the face of the envelope and then scribble the name in different colours. The final look turns out to be really elegant and smart.

Black envelopes are also the appropriate cover options when you need to send formal business mails as black is considered the colour of authority and significance. A bold black colour would also help the recipient to identify your letter even if it is lying in pile of many other documents.

Black envelopes are smart, elegant, stylish, and chic. If you really care about good impression of your mails, pictures and documents choose a black envelope to enclose it – your letter would indeed stand out!

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