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Summer Envelope Colours

Summer Envelope Colours

Summer is upon us! So, we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some of our favourite summer-coloured envelopes: yellow, orange, green, blue, and pink.

Colours have a profound impact on our emotions and perceptions. During the summer, the world comes alive with a dazzling array of hues that evoke the carefree spirit of the season. From the bright yellow of the sun to the clear blue of the skies and the vibrant pink of blooming flowers, each colour encapsulates the essence of summer.

Lets explore these colours further!


Yellow: The ultimate summer colour. Yellow emits feelings of friendly, warm, and cheerful energy. It’s the colour of sunshine and happiness, perfect for spreading joy with your summer mail. Whether you’re sending out invitations for a summer party or a heartfelt thank you note, yellow envelopes will brighten anyone’s day.

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Orange: Vibrant and energetic, orange envelopes evoke the warmth of the sun and the excitement of summer adventures. This bold colour is perfect for making a striking impression. Use orange envelopes for event announcements, promotions, or any message that you want to stand out and convey a sense of enthusiasm and fun. Orange is also a great choice for aligning with branding colours—think Amazon or Fanta! It’s a colour that speaks of creativity and adventure, ideal for capturing the dynamic spirit of summer.

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Blue: Calm and refreshing, blue envelopes bring to mind clear skies and cool waters. They convey a sense of tranquillity and relaxation, making them ideal for summer greetings and invitations. The colour Blue is also a trustworthy, dependable colour which may be why companies like PayPal use it in their logo. It’s versatile and universally appealing, perfect for everything from beach wedding invitations to casual summer correspondence. Blue envelopes evoke the serene beauty of a summer day, offering a soothing touch to your mail.

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Pink: Soft and playful, pink envelopes add a touch of fun and whimsy to your correspondence. They capture the essence of summer blooms and joyful moments. Pink envelopes are perfect for baby showers, garden parties, or any occasion that calls for a sweet and charming touch. The light, airy feel of pink envelopes brings to mind the delightful and carefree nature of summer, making them a wonderful choice for celebrating special moments with loved ones.

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Green: Fresh and invigorating, green envelopes bring a sense of vitality and renewal to your correspondence. They evoke the lushness of spring meadows and the tranquillity of forest retreats. Green envelopes are ideal for eco-friendly events, nature-themed parties, or any occasion that calls for a touch of natural elegance. The vibrant yet calming hue of green envelopes symbolises growth and harmony, making them a perfect choice for conveying well-wishes and celebrating life's verdant moments with friends and family.

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Each of these colours captures a different facet of summer, from its energetic days to its serene evenings. As you send out your letters and invitations this season, let these vibrant envelopes reflect the bright and joyous spirit of summer.

Don’t let the season pass without taking advantage of these beautiful options. Celebrate summer with every letter you send! Embrace the colours of the season, and let your correspondence spread the warmth, energy, and happiness that summer brings. Make every piece of mail a delightful reminder of the season’s beauty and joy.


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