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Is Black the Right Colour for Envelopes?

Is Black the Right Colour for Envelopes?

Not many people bother about the colour of envelopes while sending letters, official documents, greeting cards and invitations. However, choosing an appropriate colour, size and style for that outer covering of your letter can make a lot of difference – especially when you really want your letter to be read on time by the recipient.

Placing letters in coloured envelopes makes sending and receiving letters extra special. Further, most of the documents received by people are typically enclosed in ordinary white envelopes and if you choose a bold colour for your letters, they will stand out in a pool of white. If you find it hard to choose an appropriate colour for your envelopes, simply go with black. Envelopes in black colour may be used for sending both formal and informal letters.

One question that comes to mind while opting for black envelopes is ‘how to write on a black envelope?’ We generally use blue or black ink to write on paper but this will not work well on a black envelope – the scribbling will be difficult, if not impossible, to read. However, there are effective solutions for this problem and this is why black envelopes do sell! You may use metallic ink in a contrast colour – silver, golden, orange, light blue or yellow - to write on a black envelope. Alternatively, use labels that can be put on your black envelope. Using a label printer, you may also experiment with different fonts and designs to create an impressive label for your envelope.

A bold black envelope with a label in contrast colour carries a distinct look and does look stylish. Want to add a special touch to the invitation cards for a special event? Enclosing the invitations in a black envelope gives them an elegant and classy look. Black envelopes may be used for sending invitations for any event – from birthdays and weddings to festive occasions and corporate functions. Though most people use white, ivory or cream coloured envelopes to send invitations for weddings, a black enclosing renders a distinct and classy look to the invitation.

While choosing an appropriate black envelope for your letters, mails or invitation cards, make sure that you pick the right size and style. It is the size of the contents and how you wish to send them (folded or unfolded) that determine the kind of envelope to be used. Envelopes including the black ones are available in a wide variety of styles and you may choose from C4, C5, C6, A4, A5 and DL sizes.

We may be living in a digital age but sending paper based letters is still a common practice. Why settle for trite, ordinary envelopes while sending yours? Let them stand out with a unique style and elegance by enclosing all special letters, invitations, pictures and documents in a classy black envelope. To purchase black envelopes with a few clicks from your home, simply visit:


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