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How has Generation Z changed the packaging industry?

How has Generation Z changed the packaging industry?

Generation Z, also known as ‘zoomers,’ the demographic born between the mid 1990’s to the mid 2010’s is one of the first generations to grow up with technology from an early age. They follow on from the millennials and are currently the youngest group of consumers and workers in the world.

Members of Generation Z are known for their active engagement in social and political activism. They actively participate in protests, sign petitions, and leverage their social media platforms to raise awareness about global issues and advocate for meaningful change. With Gen Z accounting for approximately 27% of the global market and possessing significant market share, companies are compelled to offer products that align with their values, thereby directly influencing market trends.

This generation demonstrates a heightened concern for the environment and a strong desire to collaborate in creating a more sustainable world. They prioritize sustainability and are eager to contribute to meaningful initiatives aimed at environmental preservation and stewardship.

As a result, businesses across industries are recognizing the importance of catering to the values and aspirations of Generation Z. They understand that appealing to this influential demographic requires aligning their products, services, and practices with the ideals of sustainability and social responsibility.

At All Colour, we are becoming ever more committed to championing the sustainable packaging movement, and our dedication is evident in our range of eco-friendly packaging solutions. We understand that packaging plays a crucial role in meeting the diverse needs of consumers while simultaneously addressing the pressing issue of environmental sustainability.

When you choose our eco-friendly packaging solutions, you not only receive high-quality and reliable packaging, but you also play a part in preserving our planet for future generations. Our eco-friendly product range has been made from carefully select materials that are responsibly sourced and chosen for their low environmental impact. Our focus is increasingly on utilizing recycled paper and cardboard, as well as embracing biodegradable and compostable options like kraft paper.

Our packaging not only captivates the Gen Z audience with its sustainable appeal, but also offers a minimalist finish that can be customized and printed on, perfectly resonating with their aesthetic preferences. Moreover, our packaging is thoughtfully designed for easy recycling, in line with Gen Z's strong commitment to sustainability. Together, lets create a more sustainable future!


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