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How To Address An Envelope

How To Address An Envelope

In the digital age, we often forget the correct way to address an envelope. Using the right format ensures smooth mail delivery and helps Royal Mail's staff and machines process millions of letters efficiently every day.

How to address your envelope:

Recipients Name

House Name/Number

Street Name


Postcode (In Capitals)

Top Tips

Addressing envelopes correctly is essential to ensure smooth mail delivery. Here are some top tips to follow:

  1. Start all lines from the left-hand side.
  2. Always include a postcode: Whether it's within the UK or for international destinations.
  3. Avoid using full stops or commas in the address.
  4. Neat and clear handwriting: If writing by hand, ensure your writing is readable and tidy.

What about stamps?

Stamps and PPIs (Printed Postage Impressions) are always positioned at the top right corner on the front of an envelope.

Should I include a return address?

Adding a 'return address' on your envelope is not mandatory but often recommended. It allows undelivered mail to be returned to you. You have the flexibility to place the return address anywhere on the envelope, as long as it doesn't overshadow the recipient's address (to avoid confusion) and doesn't interfere with the stamp at the top right corner. Many people opt for the back of the envelope for their return address. For businesses, a popular choice is to print the return address on the flap of the envelope (feel free to contact us for printed envelope quotes).

We hope you found our envelope addressing advice useful!

For more tips, visit our blog regularly. Thank you!


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