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Have you heard about String and Washer envelopes

Have you heard about String and Washer envelopes

Everyone's talking about String & Washer envelopes... Have you heard the buzz? Whether for business or personal use, our String & Washer envelopes are certain to impress.

String & Washer Envelopes

Unusual, eye-catching and sure to get you noticed, making a great choice for advertising and branding campaigns. The unique button and twine fastening not only looks fabulous and retro, it means the envelope is re-usable too, so ideal for internal business post and for those eco-conscious folk!

Red, black & manilla string washer envelopes 

With gusset feature available in many sizes (including DL!) they are a fantastic choice for marketing packs, gifts and samples. Available in C4, C5, C6 and DL sizes and black, red or manilla colours to choose from. CLICK HERE to check out the String & Washer Envelopes available from
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