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Gorgeous Grey Envelopes

Gorgeous Grey Envelopes

Grey is definitely the new Black in the world of envelopes. Our various shades of grey envelopes are fast becoming the most requested samples. From dark to light, the popularity of the grey envelope is ever growing!

shades of grey envelopes An elegant alternative to white (or black envelopes), our French Grey Envelopes, Graphite Grey Envelopes and new Storm Grey Envelopes are all eye-catching, yet subtle. A classic shade of grey in a high quality 120gsm paper exudes luxury and elegance. Psychologically, the colour grey gives an impression of calmness and confidence too. A perfect choice for high-end mailings and branding. Check out our range of grey envelopes in light, mid and dark shades. Why not request a free sample and see for yourself! • Storm Grey Envelopes >> • Graphite Grey Envelopes >> • French Grey Envelopes >>

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