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Envelopes: Great Tool of Fascination

Envelopes: Great Tool of Fascination

Considering the importance of a first impression, envelopes can be very helpful for someone who cares about his/her relations. Envelopes have their own language and effectiveness, smart & conscious selection of envelopes for different occasions can serve your purpose. If you want to catch a desired response from the recipient then you are required to examine the aim of the contents. In other words, your objective of the inside content largely governs the colour, size and style of the envelope that will be used to mail. An envelope suitable for wedding invitation will never suit when it is used for a charity event.

When you choose your envelopes with the same care as you use to pay on the contents/ingredients of the letter or cards, they will stand out from the rest of the group and will create great results. Let's take a look on the various envelope purposes.

Envelopes are used for mailing letters, documents, parcels, notices and bills. Events such as Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversary's, Weddings, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Get Well Soon and Sympathy Cards all require a special envelope in compliance with the purpose. As far as business letters and documents are concerned, Black Envelopes are an eye catching and different premium choice for the job. On the other hand, when you are going to host a birthday party or sending invitation of wedding bright Coloured Envelopes are a great idea.

There are envelopes available in every colour of the rainbow, each individual colour has its own meaning and it gives value to various occasions. Red envelopes - red is a vibrant, exciting, fiery, passionate and sexy colour. This is used in many different industries and works well to get attention. Black envelopes used for the right purpose can really stand out in the recipient's mailbox. White sounds innocent, clean, hygienic and refreshing. Blue denotes a sense of trust and reliability, so blue envelopes are a fantastic choice. Green is used to promote environmental causes while gold or silver envelopes can suggest luxury, expense, sophistication and exclusivity. A thin, cheap manilla brown envelope is not so great (think about those nasty bills you get in the post - you don't want your customers thinking this about your mail!), however natural brown ribbed or luxury String & Washer envelopes are fab and will get attention for their gorgeous vintage style! So, it is good to set a nice balance between aim of mail and colour of envelope.

Printing of envelope is another major issue while selecting right envelope for right purpose. Custom print envelopes are in huge demand and can be of any size, weight, colour or design required by the customer. Specially made envelopes in different shapes can also be custom printed. There is a huge variety of envelopes, designs and colours to satisfy any need. From a tiny party invitation to a full sized magazine cover, from business contracts to a range of stationary customers can send their message in a beautiful, custom printed envelope.

Size of the envelope depends upon volume of the document. From safety and security point of view size of the envelope can be changed. An envelope size of C4 can carry A4 size unfolded papers as well as other documents of the like. An envelope size of C6 is an opaque envelope hence keeping the content inside confidential. A DL envelope size is preferred for mailing private documents. Apart to it, a Custom Size Envelope can be used in either ways.


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