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A5 Envelopes - Cost Effective Options for Marketing Campaigns

A5 Envelopes - Cost Effective Options for Marketing Campaigns

It is important to cut your overheads as much as possible. Postage costs are high these days. You could save money reducing the size of your customer contact literature and opting for smaller A5 envelopes. This will make your postage more cost effective.

There are many great options these days when it comes to envelopes. You can choose from standard white options, subtle with a cream envelope, through to modern translucent envelopes. It is important you choose the right envelope for your marketing campaigns. This will be the first point of contact with the recipient so you will want it to make a positive impact.

Benefits of A5 Envelopes

Taking the time to look for the best deals in cheap envelopes could add up to some good savings over time. There are many different types of envelopes available these days so stop for a moment and consider which would be best for your business. A5 envelopes can offer a number of benefits for your marketing campaigns:

Save on Postage - in the UK postage costs are not just based on weight but envelope size as well. It makes sense to use a smaller A5 envelope to help cut expensive postage costs for your business.

Save on Materials - paper manufacture is a big drain on the environment. You can fit A4 letters and leaflets into A5 envelopes easily by folding them. This means you can save paper by using these smaller envelopes for your business contact letters and marketing campaigns.

If you are unsure which size envelope you need or which size paper will fit into a C5 envelope then check out our size guide for help

Benefits of Translucent Envelopes

You may not have used translucent envelopes for your business marketing campaigns before. However you should consider this option in future as it can offer some big benefits:

Translucent envelopes allow the recipient to see clearly what they have received. This means they will assimilate a lot of data about your company without even opening the envelope.

Translucent envelopes can increase mail security. You will be able to see at a glance what is inside the envelope.

Translucent envelopes can be made from 100% recyclable materials (typically polypropylene) this is better for the environment and helps to reduce landfill.

It is easy to print high quality colours and text on translucent envelopes. This gives you a lot of scope when it comes to creating eye-catching and appealing marketing mail-outs for your business.

You should consider very carefully which envelopes you use in your next marketing campaign. Choosing the right envelope could have a big impact of the overall success of your marketing strategies. The below envelopes will far outshine a plain white one!

There are many benefits to using A5 and translucent envelopes for your business marketing campaigns. A5 envelopes could save on your postage costs and cut down on waste.


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