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4 Ways To Boost Your Brand - With The Humble Envelope!

4 Ways To Boost Your Brand - With The Humble Envelope!

The importance of envelopes can often be overlooked in business, however you should consider that the envelope is so much more than an outer package for your letter - it is a first impression, your shop window on a doorstep and instant advertising. With a few simple considerations, your choice of envelope can boost your brand.

Use coloured envelopes

A splash of colour can really help you to stand out from competitors. By using a coloured envelope, instead of a plain white envelope, you’ll get noticed and seem more interesting. Choosing an envelope that matches your brand colour can instantly communicate association with your company, or simply choosing a colour that is appealing to your target audience will subconsciously captivate and get you that foot through the door. Plus it has been proven that a coloured envelope is 9 times more likely to be opened than a white one!

Get your envelopes branded

Printing an envelope with your company logo not only acts as a form of advertising, but also looks professional and again allows you to stand out against other envelopes on the doorstep. Branding your envelopes will give credibility to your piece of mail too. For example, should your envelope contain important documents, a customer expecting to receive it will see your logo printed on the envelope and instantly be informed who it is from and this will alert them to open it.

Choose a high quality paper

Consider that an envelope is physically held by the recipient, so just as the colour can visually create an impression, the feel of an envelope will also. A good quality paper will feel superior to a low-quality, flimsy paper. Paper thickness is measured in gsm (grams per square metre) and as a basic rule we recommend choosing an envelope with paper at least 120gsm thickness. As a comparison a piece of standard printer paper is usually 80 or 90gsm.

Choose a suitable type of envelope

Choosing a suitable envelope for the contents will reassure your customer that you know what you are doing - for example, sending a photograph in a board back envelope to avoid creasing, or a product in a padded bubble bag to avoid damage. Consider size too – a square invitation in a rectangular envelope or a letter folded too many times to squeeze into a small envelope will appear messy and could have negative impact.  Getting your letter or item to your customer in a neat, tidy and suitable condition will ensure positive impression for your brand.


If you would like any help choosing the right envelopes for your business, or would like to discuss printed envelopes please call us on 01273 486026 and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively you can browse our range of envelopes at


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