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Marketing Tips

  • Colour Trend Alert: Vibrant Rebellion

    Autumn may be upon us with darker evenings and grey skies, but the world of colour, fashion and art is rebelling against the season with the VIBRANT REBELLION trend providing a burst of uplifting vibrant multi-coloured palettes.

    Pantone present the VIBRANT REBELLION trend as a reflection of the times “sharing a belief that the future is theirs to design, young people are feeling empowered to create change. Demonstrating resilient hope and creativity, they are blending informed storytelling with playful, inclusive campaigns to get their message across.”

    Pantone Vibrant Rebellion Palette

    The PANTONE palette to support the trend includes Rosin, Poppy Red, Hot Pink, Marine Green, Maize, Amparo Blue and Lavender Aura.

    “Kitsch becomes cool as folk crafts experience a colorful, youthful update with an “embellished everything” approach.”

    A fabulous festival of colours, graphics and patterns, the Vibrant Rebellion trend is a burst of positivity.

    All Colour Envelopes Vibrant Rebellion Trend Palette

    Why not join the celebration of colour that 'Vibrant Rebellion' brings. Our coloured peel & seal envelopes are available in a spectrum of colours that complement the trend.  Click here to browse.

  • Rose Gold Envelopes - Your New Obsession!

    Rose gold – it's the colour of the moment and it’s no wonder - the soft pink copper metallic shade adds a sophisticated accent to pretty much anything!  Complementing both traditional and modern styling with a touch of chic glamour, it’s fair to say that rose gold is the colour of our time.

    The rise & rise of the rose gold trend

    The interest in rose gold began with jewellery (naturally), however it was when Pantone introduced ‘Rose Quartz’ as their Colour of the Year in 2016 that the trend really seemed to rise. With even the BBC citing it as 'the fashion trend that just won't go away' which you can read by following this link BBC Rose gold: The fashion trend that just won't go away  And it doesn't stop there with Pantone choosing Rose Quartz as a “symbolic colour selection; a colour snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture” and it must have hit a nerve as a major trend sparked for all things blush tone - like rose gold - and the obsession began.

    Rose Gold Trend

    With the rose gold trend in full flow (and still growing) it now spans all walks of life – from interior design to technology (hands up who has a rose gold iPhone), fashion accessories to stationery. And to all those who were thinking this pink blush shade is “girly” you might be interested to know that the rose gold iPhone is so popular with men that it is even being nicknamed “bro’s gold”!

    Introducing Rose Gold Envelopes

    In a world that is adorned with the elegance of rose gold, surely your envelopes should be too? We thought so, which is why we are excited to introduce our Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes. We have created our Rose Gold Blush Envelopes in 2 different styles – glossy, lumious "metallic" finish and sophisticated, classic "matt" finish. Both are available in sizes C5+ and 100 x 185mm.

    Rose Gold Blush Bubble Bag

    The Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes are exclusive to All Colour Envelopes. This range is part of our On-Trend Envelope Collection - contemporary classic shades that allow you to present your mail with ultimate style!

    Creating an impression with envelopes

    Whether for business or personal use, when you send a piece of mail you are creating an impression to the recipient, which can evoke emotions. Consider the difference in how you feel on, say, a shopping trip when you make a purchase and get handed your new item in a bag to take home. Walking out of a store with a beautiful high-end designer bag on your arm will almost certainly make you feel on a high, while a standard plain plastic carrier bag may evoke a more nonchalant feeling. Both bags serve the same purpose, but rouse different emotions.

    This is the same with mail and important to consider in business. When your customer receives a package that looks extra special, they feel extra special. They remember you and they are more likely to purchase again to get that same special feeling.

    If the world is obsessed with rose gold, then imagine the emotions you could spark in your customers if they receive a package from you in the post that is also rose gold! Our Rose Gold Blush Bubble Bags are the must-have envelope for all who want to give an impression of luxury, glamour and style.

    Rose Gold Bubble Mailer

    Who is the Rose Gold Bubble Envelope range suitable for?

    The rose gold (or "bro's gold") trend spans all walks of life currently, so in theory – anyone. However we have had a high level of interest in our Rose Gold Padded Envelopes from customers in the following industry sectors:

    • Beauty & healthcare
    • Creative arts & design
    • Marketing, advertising & PR
    • Retail
    • Hospitality & events

    Rose Gold Padded Envelope sizes

    We currently stock 2 different sizes of Rose Gold Padded Envelopes as below:

    C5 Rose Gold Bubble Bags, which measure 180mm x 250mm internal dimensions. This size is designed to fit A5 papers/documents but is also ideal for

    • Cosmetics & beauty products
    • Small clothing garments
    • Small fashion accessories
    • Mobile phones
    • DVD’s & video games
    • Teeth whitening kits
    • Vaping kits
    • Notebooks & stationery
    • Marketing & promotional items

    For full details of our C5 Matt Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE
    For full details of our C5 Metallic Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE

    Our smaller 100 x 185mm Rose Gold Bubble Bags are the ideal size for

    • Mobile phone cases & screen protectors
    • Small beauty products
    • Small stationery
    • Jewellery
    • Cosmetics
    • Marketing & promotional items

    For full details of our 100 x 185 Matt Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE
    For full details of our 100 x 185 Metallic Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE

    We always recommend trying a sample of our envelopes before you purchase a full box. This way you can ensure the perfect fit for the contents. We offer a free sample service for all our envelopes. Simply click the “request a free sample” button on the product page of your chosen envelope to order.

    CLICK HERE to view the full Rose Gold Bubble Bag range.

  • GDPR & Direct Marketing Made Simple

    In May this year the data protection regulations are set to change and we all need to be prepared. If you haven’t heard about GDPR yet, it’s time to get clued up. The enforcement date is fast approaching and will almost certainly mean some changes to your business and the way you hold and handle data.

    One of the big talking points of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the implication on the marketing landscape and in particular email marketing. The whole transcript is pretty hefty. Put a decent amount of time aside and read it in full on the ICO website here. In the meantime, here’s an overview of how GDPR will affect you in terms of direct marketing.


    What is GDPR?

    GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and this will replace the 1998 UK Data Protection Act. The transcript was published in back in May 2016, but the actual enforcement date is 25th May this year (2018).

    It’s is all about protecting personal data. This could be anything that identifies an individual - their email address, their IP address, cookie data, postal address stored digitally. Not just written data either – think CCTV images and all those phone calls that are ‘recorded for training purposes’.

    The EU’s new privacy data protection regulations are designed to create constancy in the way personal data is handled across the whole EU. Currently the rules in place can be interpreted differently by each country, so the introduction of GDPR means tighter, but more consistent rules.


    Will GDPR affect my business?

    Almost certainly yes. GDPR applies to all businesses and organisations established in the EU, or that offer goods/services to those in the EU.

    You’ll need to look at how you collect and store all forms of personal data going forward, but also address your existing databases to ensure they meets the new regulations.


    What if I don’t stick to the rules?

    GDPR rules are legal regulations (not guidelines) this means they are enforceable by law and there are some pretty savage fines in the pipeline for those who don’t adhere!

    Historic data breaches have resulted in costly fines. Honda was fined £13,000 by ICO for sending emails clarifying whether customers wanted to receive marketing, while supermarket Morrisons was fined £10,500 for sending 131,000 emails to people who had already opted-out.

    These fines pale in comparison to the potential bill for GDPR non-compliance. You’d be looking at a fine of up to 20 Million Euros, or 4% of your brands total global annual turnover (whichever is higher). Ouch!


    How will GDPR affect email marketing?

    In terms of email marketing, contacts on your list must have given permission for you to hold their information. In addition you must be able to provide sufficient proof of this consent, or you won’t be able to email them anymore.

    So, you’ll need to look at your existing database and also how you collect data going forward. The key factor is consent and email marketing lists will be strictly opt-in only.

    Consent & GDPR

    The ICO published a draft article for guidance. There are seven main changes in the article that marketers need to consider in regards to data:

    Unbundled: asking for consent should be separate from other terms and conditions so individuals are clear what they consenting to. Consent should not be a pre-condition of signing up to a service unless it is necessary for that service.

    Active opt-in: the GDPR makes it clear in the recitals that pre-ticked boxes are not a valid form of consent. Clear opt-in boxes should be used.

    Granular: where there are various different types of data processing that may occur, allow for separate consent as much as possible. The ICO want organisations to be as granular as possible which means giving consumers more control over what they're consenting to.

    Named: always tell individuals who your organisation is and name any third parties that the data will be shared with. The draft ICO guidance states that terms like 'we will only share your data with other men's clothing retailers' are not specific enough. The individual organisations the data will be shared with need to be named.

    Documented: maintain records of the consents you have. Record the following information: what the individual has consented to; what they were told at the time; and the method of consent.

    Easy to withdraw: individuals should be easily able to withdraw their consent. Organisations must put in place simple and fast methods for withdrawing consent. Tell individuals about their right to withdraw consent.

    No imbalance in the relationship: This point is less relevant for marketing but consent should be freely given and where this is a power imbalance between an organisation and an individual this will be hard to achieve. For example, the relationship between an employer and employee is an obvious power imbalance.

    You can read the full draft article here.

    Interestingly, GDPR applies to personal data, so technically if your database contains generic based email addresses, such as info@ or webmaster@ then you will still be able to contact freely. If the email address makes in individual personally identifiable, such as victoria@ or justin.credible@ then rules will apply.


    How will GDPR affect postal marketing?

    The implications of GDPR on postal marketing are somewhat less complicated. While you will need to act responsibly and check the Mail Preference Service (MPS) to ensure an individual has not opted-out of marketing material by post, you CAN send direct marketing by post to people on your database, unless they have specified they do not wish for you to do so.


    How will this affect marketing trends?

    There has already been a recent surge in postal Direct Mail marketing and it is thought that this is in anticipation of the forthcoming GDPR regulations. Business gurus are predicting a decrease in email marketing in favour of postal marketing as a result of these regulations.

    Last year pub chain Wetherspoon made an epic decision to delete their entire email database of almost 700,000 subscribers. An email was sent to customers (copy below) in which they stated “Many companies use e-mail to promote themselves, but we don’t want to take this approach” “Our database of customers’ e-mail addresses, including yours, will be securely deleted”.

    In reference to this move a spokesperson for the chain told “following our data breach in December 2015 we have been reviewing all the data we hold and looking to minimise.”

    “We felt, on balance, that we would rather not hold even email addresses for customers. The less customer information we have, which now is almost none, then the less risk associated with data.”

    Although not directly referenced, forthcoming GDPR regulations are almost certain to have had influence.

    Could it be that they felt potential fall-out of getting email marketing wrong under GDPR would outweigh the benefits? Or perhaps just easier to delete and start from scratch than to clean up existing data?

    It is thought that other major brands will follow in the footsteps of Weatherspoon, but don’t panic - email marketing will remain relevant. Be wise and clean your email marketing lists, ensure information adheres to the regulations and yes you’ll end up with a smaller list, but certainly a highly engaged (and highly converting) one – fantastic!

    It’s going to be much trickier to expand your marketing list though, so to gain new business it does make sense to look at postal marketing as an option.


    Any tips for Direct Mail?

    We’ve been championing direct mail for many years now. The envelope is the first thing a customer sees and we’re pretty clued up about envelopes.

    Here are a few top tips & facts that can help you get the most out of a direct mail campaign:

    • A coloured envelope far more likely to be opened than a white one
    • In split testing, we found that YELLOW ENVELOPES give the highest open rates
    • A handwritten address and actual stamp (rather than a franked one) will improve open rates even further

    For more direct mail tips? Be sure to follow us on Twitter

    Want to try coloured envelopes for your direct marketing campaign? Click here to browse, or call 01273 486026 for some advice.



  • Which envelope should I use for cheap postage?


    Do you want to know which envelope is best to use to ensure cheap postage? You're not alone - this is a question we get asked a lot!

    You may be like many of our savvy customers who want to keep postage costs a low as possible. Something as simple as choosing a slightly smaller envelope can take you from a parcel rate to letter rate, saving significantly per item sent! Obvious, yes – but not always the first thing people consider when planning a mailing. Quite often the envelope contents are designed, printed and produced ahead of the envelope decision and this can cost a business thousands in unnecessary expense.

    Whether it's a direct mail campaign, large scale mailing or general business post, by saving a even a few pence per item sent can make a huge difference over a year.

    The cheapest way to send mail in the UK is by Royal Mail 2nd Class Letter Post. A 2nd class standard letter stamp costs 56p. To use this mail format, your envelope must be within the following limits when filled and sealed ready to post:

    Standard Letter Post

    • Envelope Maximum Dimensions = 240mm x 165mm (24cm x 16.5cm)
    • Envelope Maximum Thickness = 5mm (0.5cm)
    • Envelope Maximum Weight = 100g

    The following standard envelope sizes are all suitable for standard letter post:

    C5 size envelopes are the largest standard envelope size that can be used for Royal Mail standard letter post. If you want to get the most for your money, this is a great envelope choice.

    Indecently, if you are looking at postage costs ahead of a direct mail campaign, you might be interested to know that coloured envelopes are 9 times more likely to be opened than white envelopes! A great tip to improve open rates (especially great as if you use a C5 envelope you can save on your postage costs too – win win!).

    Don’t forget you will need to ensure that the total weight is less than 100g and the thickness of the envelope less than 5mm.

    For more information and guidance on which envelopes to choose for the various Royal Mail postage rates, please see our handy guide page Postage Rates for Envelopes.

    Information correct as of 23rd January 2018. Please use this page as a guideline. We always recommend measuring/weighing your postage and checking the Royal Mail website for the most up to date rates & cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred due to the above information.


  • How Colour Psychology Can Give Your Business an Edge

    The importance of colour is often underestimated. The automatic thought process linked to different colours can be very powerful, with perceptions and assumptions made without even realising.

    Subconsciously certain colours evoke moods and emotions and with the knowledge of this you can step-up your business tenfold – from your company logo, to giving that marketing campaign a boost, to motivating staff!

    Use our Colour Psychology Chart below as an ‘emotion guide’ to assist choices:

    psychology of colour

    Colour Influence in Everyday Life

    We are constantly influenced by colour in day-to-day life, from the colour of the walls in your home or office to the clothes that we wear. The colours, shades and tones around us are playing a massive part in our emotions and mood. A room furnished in soft colours can be calming, while the same room furnished in bright, vivid colours can be stimulating.

    It’s worth noting that not only visual senses are affected - colour has a big play in both taste and smell too! The crossover between the sensory pathways of vision, taste and smell are all linked. For example, the colour grey has been found to evoke the smell sensation of smokiness, while colours around the green / yellow range can evoke taste sensations of sourness.

    Take a look at the 2 plates of food below – which excites you more and seems more appetising?

    Colour influence on food

    The vibrant, colourful dish seems much more inviting than the plainer option and so we are naturally drawn to it - that's the power of colour psychology.

    Using Colour Psychology To Give Your Business an Edge

    Choosing the right colour for your branding or campaign can have amazing impact. Whether you are looking to evoke feelings of trust, power, fun or mystery to your customers, this can all be achieved without a single word being spoken, purely through the power of colour. A recent study titled “The Impact of Colour on Marketing” found that a massive 90% of snap judgements about products are based on colour alone!

    With the knowledge of how colour makes us feel, let’s take a look at some other examples in everyday life. Large, well established company logos are a perfect example.

    colour psychology in logos

    You can take this information a step further also by looking at shades and tints. Studies have shown that men tend to prefer bright, vibrant colours while women seem to prefer softer colours, such as pastel shades.


    Choosing a colour and shade that suits your product and customer can have a very positive outcome on sales and response rates.

    The Power of Coloured Envelopes

    Choosing colour to suit your product and target audience can really make a difference, whether designing a company logo, colour scheme for a campaign, staff uniform or of course stationery – and naturally that includes envelopes.

    Just as before we mentioned that a bright, colourful plate of food appears more appetising than a dull bland one, this theory carries over. You’ll often see us quoting that a coloured envelope is 9x more likely to be opened than a white one. This is no random statistic - with the science and proof of all mentioned so far, this makes absolute logical sense.

    Take a look at the image below. Which envelope is likely to interest you the most, without any knowledge of contents?

    Envelopes on doormat

    Most likely you chose the yellow, pink or black envelope. The plainer white and manilla envelopes are automatically assumed to contain something ordinary or unwanted (such as a bill!).

    Do you want your customers to be excited at the prospect of opening your mailing? Do you want them to pay attention to your posting ahead of others? The answer has to be a resounding yes, so the obvious solution is a coloured envelope!

    Convinced? We stock a range of every colour envelope you can imagine – feel free to browse our options by colour from the links below:

    Red Envelopes >>
    Blue Envelopes >>
    Black Envelopes >>
    Yellow Envelopes >>
    Green Envelopes >>
    Orange Envelopes >>
    Purple Envelopes >>
    Pink Envelopes >>
    Grey Envelopes >>
    Silver Envelopes >>
    Gold Envelopes >>

    Or for more advice please email or call 01273 486026 – we’ll be happy to help.

  • Tips for Using Black Envelopes

    Plan to send out greeting or invitation cards in elegant black envelopes? Your card is bound to stand out and will be eagerly read by the recipient if it has a nice casing. Though black in itself is a very bold and classy colour for envelopes, there are a few more things that you can add to make you envelope even more attractive for the recipient. Want to add to that classy look of your black envelopes. Use these simple tips:

    1: Write the name and address of the intended recipient on the front of the envelope using calligraphic letters in thick, glazed golden or silver ink. At the back of the envelope, you can write your own name on the right hand corner.

    Black Envelope Silver Writing

    2: If you do not have a pen that can effectively write on a dark, black envelope or feel that using thick ink may cause smudge marks on the paper, go for white or light coloured labels. You can use the label printer in your office while sending official or business mails. Alternatively, stick-on labels can be purchased from the local stationery shop. If you prefer to cut out your own labels, slice them in oval, rectangular and square shapes and write the name of the recipient with coloured felt pens.

    3: The outer edges of your black envelope can get a classy appearance if you design a beautiful border. It may be a floral frame, a geometrical design or simply polka dots on the edge of the envelope. With a black background, any pattern in contrasting shades does add to the elegance of the envelope.

    4: While sending a greeting card, a personal letter or invitation for an event in a black envelope, put a small sticker on one corner of the envelope. You may also use a sticker to seal the envelope. It makes your elegant black envelope even more attractive for the recipient. What’s more, there are a lot of themes to choose from – for instance you may use flower stickers on wedding invitations, a birthday cake sticker for birthday party invitations and a logo of your company for sending a corporate event invitation card.

    5: It can be a good idea to tie a pretty ribbon around your black envelope. A white or pink ribbon with a floral knot looks really attractive and exquisite. Using ribbons around your greeting or invitation cards in black envelopes is a nice option when you are personally delivering the card.

    There are a several other ideas that you can use for decking up your black envelopes – you just need to get a little creative and can also ask like minded friends for suggestions. Personalising the envelope with your own picture is also a good way to enhance the beauty of stylish black envelopes.

    Ready to prepare and send those cards? Purchase a bunch of classy black envelopes online at:

  • Spring Trends & Why Yellow Envelopes ROCK!

    It may not seem like Spring is quite on the way yet from the weather, but mid-February is key time for organising your Spring mailing. Muted and pastel colour shades are huge this year and with the recent release of the Pantone Spring 2016 Colour Report, all eyes are on colour trends!

    Pastel Envelopes

    Pastel envelopes colour palette

    Take inspiration and choose one of our stunning Pastel Envelopes - a colour palette that's on trend for the season, packaged up in beautiful high quality 120gsm paper. The perfect outer to your Spring marketing material.

    If you're unsure which gorgeous shade to choose, our top tip is YELLOW. Scroll down to find out why....

    yellow envelopes get the best response rates

    GO YELLOW! Combine the colour trend of the season with our proven 'top tip' for colour choice and you're on to a sure fire winner.

    We undertake regular split testing of our coloured envelopes and monitor response rates. A YELLOW COLOURED ENVELOPE has proven time and time again to give the best response rates against other colours in direct mail campaigns.

    Choose our stunning Sunlight Yellow Envelopes for ultimate success this Spring!

  • Metallic Bubble Bags For Marketing

    Its quite normal for most companies to send their bulky items in padded envelopes these are usually white or manilla. I have to say these envelopes do the job they have been designed for and you can't fault them for that. Marketing & Branding agencies have gone that step further and are now using metallic bubble bags or coloured padded envelopes for sending those items.

    Metallic Bubble Bags

    These are so attractive and extremely eye catching and they add that luxurious feel which many of there clients need. Getting noticed and remembered is vital in this competitive market and this is how the marketing experts are doing just that. For example your brand colours maybe red or black, if you sent your direct mail piece in a red or black padded envelope each time your customers would know they are from you and increase that brand awareness.

    You can buy Metallic Bubble Bags at wholesale prices from All Colour Envelopes, with just a 1 box minimum, giving you the chance to test out without a huge outlay. You'll find they have a huge impact increasing responses and brand awareness. Stay ahead of the game like these marketing experts!

  • Create A Real Marketing Impact Using Coloured Envelopes

    As you probably know, it's not easy to stand out as a business. With so many other companies creating new and inventive ideas this only makes it more difficult. I want to show you how you can really create an impact using coloured envelopes for different product mailings.

    The first thing to think about is the size of the envelope, as this will determine many things: Colours available, Cost of postage, Weight/Quality of envelope, Stock product, Bespoke making... You can see what i mean.

    Envelope Size Advice:

    1. I would always suggest to use a stock size envelope as this will be far cheaper than a bespoke made envelope. Choosing a 'standard size' envelope such as C6, C5, C4 or DL will give you the most variety of options from stock. The other great advantage is you can have the envelopes delivered next day from stock.
    2. If you are choosing bespoke made envelopes then its well worth ordering for future as this can be a very expensive option in low quantities. Although they tend to cost more you can choose the exact Pantone Colour you want, the exact size you need & many other weight/quality options.
    3. The best piece of advice when designing anything that will require an envelope is to work backwards. Think about the envelope first, before you decide the size dimensions of the product going inside e.g. brochure or greeting card.
      We have so many calls every week with people struggling to get an envelope to fit. Usually a designer will have created a stunning beautiful brochure, but didn't consider the envelope and now cannot get one to fit. Please don't fall into this trap, as your envelope options will go down and your cost will go up. You could end up packaging your beautiful brochure in an envelope that doesn't suit or fit well, spoiling the overall result.


    Choosing the Colour of Envelope:

    1. The colour is very important as you will want to create an impact that makes people want to open your envelope. It's known that using a brightly coloured envelope will increase response rates & has a much higher open rate. We also stock an excellent range of black envelopes, red envelopes, yellow envelopes and many other colours.
    2. If you don't like the idea of using a brightly coloured envelope choose a coloured envelope that matches your brand colour/s as this will add to brand value/recognition & customers will remember your mailing long after the envelope has been thrown away.
    3. If you can't find the exact colour for your brand you could get a pantone matched envelope which would be more expensive than a stock colour on low volumes.
     Coloured Envelopes coloured board envelopes metallic bubble bags

    Choosing The GSM Or Quality Of The Envelope:

    1. The GSM or 'grams per square metre' as otherwise known is important too. The higher the GSM number, the thicker the paper will be. A greeting card envelope will usually be 100gsm. Our mainline coloured envelopes are all 120gsm (which is the same paper thickness of the highly regarded Conqueror Envelopes). You can work up the scale to a card envelope at 350gsm+.
      Generally the higher the GSM, the higher the cost of the envelope. But don't let this put you off ordering a higher GSM, as this has many benefits.
    2. Higher GSM envelopes will offer more protection to your marketing material, plus look and feel of higher quality. Do be aware that a thicker paper / higher GSM will weigh more, so be careful not to creep above Royal Mail price brackets.
    3. Think of your target audience - if you're targeting prestigious customers then use a higher GSM envelope, for a more luxurious impression.

    To create a high impact direct mail piece, simply choose a brightly coloured envelope or a colour that matches your brand. You should also choose a paper GSM/weight that is suitable for your marketing material and suitable for your end user. And always remember to work backwards, choosing your envelope before designing your brochure / card / marketing pack!

    For more direct marketing tips, be sure to follow All Colour Envelopes on Twitter


  • Black Envelopes: A Confluence of All Colours

    It is often said that absence of any colour represents the existence of 'Black'. But, nobody can disagree that 'Black' encompasses the property of every colour i.e. red, green, blue, yellow and so on. In the same way, black envelopes have the ability to be used in every situation from business mailing to personal invitation. The unparallel character of black envelope makes it unique.

    black addressed envelope

    White and brown envelopes used to be very popular, but with the change in both time and in technology they have been accompanied by coloured envelopes. It demands a certain kind of preparation or knowledge before deciding which colour envelope to pick. If you think that this is not your thing then you can move towards Black Envelopes.

    Have you ever thought what the reasons behind the popularity of black envelopes? One of the most important features that distinguish from other envelopes is the colour black itself. Any other colour envelope, although effective, may not have such a magnificent and eye catching appeal as Black. By using black colour envelopes one can ensure that your first impression upon prospective clients/ customer/ relations goes very well.

    blackenvelopes                   black-envelopes-on-table

    When it comes to size, style and printing of envelopes, black stands out. Since it is nicely suited to all styles of envelopes-wallet, pocket, window; so you have an option to choose according to your taste. Black envelopes suggest luxury and high quality - even sophistication! Black envelopes are stocked in 6 sizes but also offering a window version for the most popular C5 black envelope. The Most popular black envelope sizes are C5 black envelopes and C4 black envelopes, also known as A5 black envelopes and A4 black envelopes.

    If you find yourself in a dilemma while choosing a right colour envelope, then talk to us and we can guide you around our product range. With every colour you can think of - blue envelopes, orange envelopes, silver envelopes, yellow envelopes and so much more. You can then be assured that it will add value to your mail by adding an element of class & sophistication.

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