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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  • Rose Gold Envelopes - Your New Obsession!

    Rose gold – it's the colour of the moment and it’s no wonder - the soft pink copper metallic shade adds a sophisticated accent to pretty much anything!  Complementing both traditional and modern styling with a touch of chic glamour, it’s fair to say that rose gold is the colour of our time.

    The rise & rise of the rose gold trend

    The interest in rose gold began with jewellery (naturally), however it was when Pantone introduced ‘Rose Quartz’ as their Colour of the Year in 2016 that the trend really seemed to rise. With even the BBC citing it as 'the fashion trend that just won't go away' which you can read by following this link BBC Rose gold: The fashion trend that just won't go away  And it doesn't stop there with Pantone choosing Rose Quartz as a “symbolic colour selection; a colour snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture” and it must have hit a nerve as a major trend sparked for all things blush tone - like rose gold - and the obsession began.

    Rose Gold Trend

    With the rose gold trend in full flow (and still growing) it now spans all walks of life – from interior design to technology (hands up who has a rose gold iPhone), fashion accessories to stationery. And to all those who were thinking this pink blush shade is “girly” you might be interested to know that the rose gold iPhone is so popular with men that it is even being nicknamed “bro’s gold”!

    Introducing Rose Gold Envelopes

    In a world that is adorned with the elegance of rose gold, surely your envelopes should be too? We thought so, which is why we are excited to introduce our Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes. We have created our Rose Gold Blush Envelopes in 2 different styles – glossy, lumious "metallic" finish and sophisticated, classic "matt" finish. Both are available in sizes C5+ and 100 x 185mm.

    Rose Gold Blush Bubble Bag

    The Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes are exclusive to All Colour Envelopes. This range is part of our On-Trend Envelope Collection - contemporary classic shades that allow you to present your mail with ultimate style!

    Creating an impression with envelopes

    Whether for business or personal use, when you send a piece of mail you are creating an impression to the recipient, which can evoke emotions. Consider the difference in how you feel on, say, a shopping trip when you make a purchase and get handed your new item in a bag to take home. Walking out of a store with a beautiful high-end designer bag on your arm will almost certainly make you feel on a high, while a standard plain plastic carrier bag may evoke a more nonchalant feeling. Both bags serve the same purpose, but rouse different emotions.

    This is the same with mail and important to consider in business. When your customer receives a package that looks extra special, they feel extra special. They remember you and they are more likely to purchase again to get that same special feeling.

    If the world is obsessed with rose gold, then imagine the emotions you could spark in your customers if they receive a package from you in the post that is also rose gold! Our Rose Gold Blush Bubble Bags are the must-have envelope for all who want to give an impression of luxury, glamour and style.

    Rose Gold Bubble Mailer

    Who is the Rose Gold Bubble Envelope range suitable for?

    The rose gold (or "bro's gold") trend spans all walks of life currently, so in theory – anyone. However we have had a high level of interest in our Rose Gold Padded Envelopes from customers in the following industry sectors:

    • Beauty & healthcare
    • Creative arts & design
    • Marketing, advertising & PR
    • Retail
    • Hospitality & events

    Rose Gold Padded Envelope sizes

    We currently stock 2 different sizes of Rose Gold Padded Envelopes as below:

    C5 Rose Gold Bubble Bags, which measure 180mm x 250mm internal dimensions. This size is designed to fit A5 papers/documents but is also ideal for

    • Cosmetics & beauty products
    • Small clothing garments
    • Small fashion accessories
    • Mobile phones
    • DVD’s & video games
    • Teeth whitening kits
    • Vaping kits
    • Notebooks & stationery
    • Marketing & promotional items

    For full details of our C5 Matt Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE
    For full details of our C5 Metallic Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE

    Our smaller 100 x 185mm Rose Gold Bubble Bags are the ideal size for

    • Mobile phone cases & screen protectors
    • Small beauty products
    • Small stationery
    • Jewellery
    • Cosmetics
    • Marketing & promotional items

    For full details of our 100 x 185 Matt Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE
    For full details of our 100 x 185 Metallic Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE

    We always recommend trying a sample of our envelopes before you purchase a full box. This way you can ensure the perfect fit for the contents. We offer a free sample service for all our envelopes. Simply click the “request a free sample” button on the product page of your chosen envelope to order.

    CLICK HERE to view the full Rose Gold Bubble Bag range.

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