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If you're looking for C4 envelopes then you've come to the right place. Coloured A4 / C4 envelopes can do wonders for your business and we've got every colour of the rainbow. If you're confused about the difference between envelope terms C4 and A4 then let us help you out. The term 'C4' is a standard envelope size which is designed to fit papers, documents, brochures etc of A4 size (same size as the paper that goes in your printer). You'll find the envelope is slightly larger than the size of A4 paper and therefore called C4, which accommodates a few pages or card like thickness. So if you're after an envelope to fit an A4 document, then you'll be needing an envelope in C4. Makes sense, right?

So, in real terms what size is a C4 envelope? The standard size of C4 envelopes measures 324mm x 229mm (which is approx. 12" x 9"). It's worth remembering that an A4 size paper is half the size of A3 paper. So if you fold an A3 piece of paper in half, it will fit in a C4 sized envelope. If you need further assistance with envelope sizing, check out our handy envelope size guide or give us a call on 01273 486026 - we're always happy to help.

C4 coloured envelopes are a great choice for direct mail, branding or marketing for your business. We specialise in coloured envelopes, so you'll find pretty much every colour of envelope here with us! With over 2,000 different envelope styles in store (plus even more not listed on our website) you can choose from our popular black C4 envelopes, yellow A4 envelopes, orange A4 envelopes, red, blue, green and purple C4 size envelopes. Plus loads more - all the colours of the rainbow in A4 size. Choose brightly coloured vibrant envelopes, subtle pastel colour envelopes, or if you need a little more room for a brochure or multiple page report, choose a C4 Gusset Envelope which expands at the side to fit. 

We specialise in high quality coloured envelopes at great prices. You'll find all the envelopes here on this page are all made from 120gsm thickness of paper. This is the same as a Conqueror Envelope, which will give you some idea of the top quality. They also feature a peel & seal closure - so no licking and sticking (another major advantage for large scale mailings!).

For more info and friendly advice, give us a call on 01273 486026.

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