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Rose Gold Envelopes

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Rose Gold Envelopes

Our range of ROSE GOLD envelopes are the perfect way to present your mail with ultimate style. Gorgeous and elegant blush tones that reflect the current obsession with this gentle pink-copper metallic shade - choose from a matt or shiny pearlescent finish. Produced exclusively for All Colour Envelopes, our Rose Gold Blush Bubble Bags are the 'must-have' of all envelopes!

The Rose Gold Trend & Stationery

Are you obsessed with all things rose gold? You're not alone! The craze for all things rose gold isn't going anywhere soon. Fashion doesn't finish with what you wear, styling spreads to all aspects of life - accessories, technology (that rose gold iPhone, for example) and of course stationery. While self-confessed stationery addicts (like us) will adorn their desk with beautiful pens, notepads and other stationery that follows fashion trends for personal use, the idea of this on a bigger audience is often forgotten. Why shouldn't your business mail represent on-trend styles? Presenting your mail or product in a rose gold bubble bag will convey a message to customers that you are a modern, stylish company, plus the impact of such a unique arrival in the post that surely looks like nothing else on their doorstep, creates such impact you are certain to impress and be remembered. They say 'don't judge a book by it's cover' but we all do anyway - in mailing terms your rose gold envelope is that eye-catching, impressive book cover that invites the recipient to open with anticipation and positivity!