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C6 to fit A6, Electrical Anti-Static Bags

  • C6 Antistatic Bags 114 x 162mm [Qty 500] - All Colour Envelopes

    C6 Antistatic Bags 114 x 162mm [Qty 500]

    £48.90 excl. VAT (£58.68 incl. VAT)

    These Anti-Static Bags are size C6 to fit A6, dimensions 114 x 162mm. Designed to contain electrical components that are prone to damage caused by ...

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Protect Valuable Electronics with Our Antistatic Bags

Anti-Static bags are the perfect choice for the packaging and storing of electrical components that are prone to damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD). Here at All Colour Envelopes, we strive to stock everything you need to send small items and documents safely, which is why we’ve got a great selection of antistatic bags to choose from.

Components such as circuit boards and network cards should always be packaged in these bags, as the electrostatic discharge can cause the items to fail. They’re used by everyone from major retailers to eBay sellers - so if you’re sending vulnerable electronics, make these a packaging priority.

The tough poly material of our antistatic bags is a translucent but smoked silver, allowing you to view the component through the bag. They each feature a peel and seal strip for quick and secure closure. We stock numerous sizes, ranging from the classic DL, right up to 280 x 350mm variants.

Call us on 01273 486026 if you require any further details about this range, or click on one of the products to request a sample, order a box, or order in bulk.