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Push The Envelope

Push The Envelope

A phrase famously coined by Tom Wolfe in his book - The right Stuff. Meaning - To attempt to extend the current limits of performance. To innovate, or go beyond commonly accepted boundaries. Here at All Colour Envelopes we agree with this exact sentiment. Current Statistics show that using a coloured envelope is 9 times more likely to be opened than a plain white or manila envelope.

Also By playing on a basic human instinct, curiosity! Using a colourful and stylish envelope is proven to have a 40% higher success rate than a bland looking alternative. Electronic communications can certainly be effective, but many emails hit anti-spam devises only to be lost in cyberspace forever. It is always wise not to put all of your eggs in one basket - direct mail is a marketing tool with proven results often exceeding response rates especially if you use a coloured envelope.

This month we have drawn on our industry knowledge and put together a list of top direct mail tips to help you achieve your ultimate goal of getting your direct mail opened, read and making that all important sale.

Components to your mailing:

• Coloured envelope

• Letter • brochure

• response device (coupon, phone number)

• return envelope

Things to keep in mind when writing your direct mail copy:

• Keep your words simple

• Use short sentences

• Use "you" not "I' and write to a person

• Clearly state your offer and price

• Outline benefits in descending order of importance

• Ask for the order, telling the reader what to do

The best months for direct marketing are January, February, September and October. As a rule, the worse the weather, the better the climate for direct marketing.

1.Make your direct mail plans well ahead of these months.

2. Think creatively about first impressions and grabbing attention. Multiple stamps or a stamp from a foreign land will get attention.

3. Avoid the use of cheap envelope paper, flimsy letter paper, or anything else that looks like "junk mail."

4. White or off-white, standard business-sized envelopes are the most likely to be put straight in the bin. Use a coloured envelope - research shows they are 9 times more likely to be opened.

5. Remember 70% of all mail is opened over a bin. For a few pence more spent on the envelope, you can ensure your client opens it. After all what is the point of direct mail if it's not opened?

6. Indent your paragraphs to give your letter a more personal feeling.

7. Saying "Personal and Confidential" will increase the number of people who open the envelope.

8. Many tests show that letters with photographs showing your product in use often perform better than letters without photos.

9. ALWAYS include a PS. Research shows that people read the headline, then the PS and then the body. Restate your offer in the PS. The size of envelope is also important.

We stock DL coloured envelopes, C5 coloured envelopes, C6, C4, square - and all the variations inbetween. Think about the contents and also the postage cost when choosing the most suitable size of envelope for your mailing. Get writing, "push the envelope" and good luck from everyone at All Colour Envelopes!


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