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  • Important Dispatch Info THURS 5th NOVEMBER

    IMPORTANT NOTICE - On Thursday 5th November there are road closures in our local area, due to Lewes Bonfire Night celebrations. As a result, our courier will collect at 11am, affecting next day deliveries. PLEASE CALL 01273 486026 TO ORDER if you require delivery by Friday 6th November.


  • We’re delighted to unveil our new website

    After several years of loyal service, we thought it was finally time to refurbish the old site and replace it with a new, refined, more advanced website.

    So what’s new?

    We’ve refreshed the content and added around 300 new products, including Metallic Foil Bags, Gusset Envelopes (including coloured gusset envelopes), our stunning Pearlescent Envelopes and the popular retro style String & Washer Envelopes too. Along with, redesigning the site with the aim of creating a more pleasant and informative experience.

    The biggest innovation, however is introducing a fresher and more dynamic search function, which we hope will help you navigate our products and offers with ease.

    We’ve developed our site to be user friendly, so you can save your details with us in our members’ area and the new sample request function enables you to order samples online completely free of charge.

    The site gives us a fantastic platform to build on. We are still evolving and new features will be added in the coming days and weeks as we aim to continue to develop our service – so watch this space.

    We know how busy you are but if you have a minute, have a browse and see what you think. We’d welcome any feedback.

  • Royal Mail - How will privatisation affect the cost to consumers?

    People are talking about who can rich on shares from the privatisation of the Royal Mail. But what will this move by the government mean to the consumer?

    The Royal mail has deep roots that can be dated back to the 16th century, the time of Henry the eighth. In 1840 the first stamp was introduced along with a fixed cost for delivery anywhere in Great Briton and Ireland, and was dubbed the Penny Post. Interestingly for a time during the early 19th century in London there were multiple deliveries each day.

    Skip forward to 2006, in attempt [to make the pricing of mail reflect the actual cost of postage the Letter, Large Letter & package system was introduced:

      • Letter = No bigger than a C5 (A5) envelope, weight no more than 100g
      • Large Letter = No bigger than a C4 (A4) envelope, weight no more than 750g
      • Package = Everything bigger than a Large Letter

    Simple isn't it? So how much is a Package again?

    Endless hours queuing in the Post Office and I'm none the wiser. When performing the laborious task of visiting the post office, my frustrations require me to pay them what they ask for and leave as quickly as humanly possible.

    It was stated the cost of 80% of the post would remain the same. This figure that had to be revised to 70% as the new system was put into place. Meaning that, 30% of the post costs more or less under the then new system.

    So, how will privatisation affect the cost to consumers using the Royal Mail? Only time will tell.

    Here is the latest update on that topic from the BBC news website. "Royal Mail privatisation in the coming weeks."

    As you can imagine the politicians are saying the service won’t be affected by the sell-off. I think, and this is just a hunch, the cost of posting your next Christmas card is going to end up costing more.

  • Thinking about making your own invitations?

    Here are some simple tips to make your invitations stand out 

    The thought of designing your own invitation can appear at first glance, to be a daunting task. But once you know what you want to say the rest can be made very simple using the ancient art of, Chee-ting.

    One of the most effective ways to make your invitations stand out with minimum fuss is to let your office stationary do the hard work for you.

      • Use a good quality, heavy weight paper or card - Try sourcing a 300g+ paper, this will give your handy work a good quality feel
      • Size is everything - It doesn't have to be bigger, just different from the norm. Try an A5 (C5) size to show you're environmentally conscious or a square envelope for impact
      • Use your fonts - We all have a favorite font that we like to write in. Think about what tone of voice you want and spend two minutes finding a font the best represents what you are trying to say
      • Less is almost always more - Keep your layout simple, your text short and punchy. You can always have a separate information insert for things like travel arrangements and RSVP details

    Try putting something together yourself for that next event. Using the art of Chee-ting is by no way the same as cheating!!

  • New Product Ranges

    Exciting New Products include: 2 new types of coloured padded envelopes in many sizes (including C5, C4 and C3) and colours & a new huge range of coloured foil mailing bags these also come in many sizes giving you much more choice. The matt coloured padded envelope range has 9 colours and these are available in 4 sizes. If you would like to see any samples before buy them we can send these out free on a next day delivery service. We also have a very high gloss range of coloured padded envelopes, in this range there are 8 colours in 4 sizes. Our metallic padded envelopes are simply stunning. Lastly we have a huge range of metallic foil bags in all the standard sizes and many unusual sizes too. If your looking to buy any of these products in larger quantities than 500 please call us first as a discount can be applied.

  • Use Black Envelopes to Send Stylish Letters

    When you write a letter or send a greeting card to someone, will it not be a good idea to use an impressive envelope? A well crafted, coloured envelope really prompts the recipient to open your letter and read it on time. While choosing an appropriate colour for your envelope, it is wise to go for something that can be used for both formal and informal mails. Black may not be a very common colour when it comes to stationery items but it certainly does give an elegant look to envelopes. You too can use a black envelope to send letters, greeting cards, invitations and also business mails.

    The purpose of sending a direct mail is fulfilled only when the mail or letter is actually read by the intended recipient. A letter enclosed in a black envelope bears a trendy and classy look that compels the recipient to open it and read further - after all only a meaningful and important mail will be put in a carefully chosen stylish black envelope!

    Black envelopes can be purchased in different sizes from C4 to C6 and also in a DL style. If you prefer a square shape for your envelopes, you can surely get a bunch of those in black colour. For the ones who need to send an unfolded letter in a large black envelope, the size C4 proves ideal. A size A4 letter folded once can be easily put inside a C5 sized black envelope. When you prefer to fold your A4 size letter twice, simply slide it into a C6 or DL black envelope.

    Want to send a gift or beautiful picture to someone? The thought of using an ordinary or banal envelope is not very pleasant. If you’ve clicked or chosen a nice picture, it should also be presented in the right way. With a black envelope to enclose the photograph, you can also create an element of surprise – the opaque colour makes the recipient more curious to check the contents of the envelope.

    You can purchase a set of black envelopes and use them to send invitations for a party or get together event. Use a glazed silver or golden ink pen to put the name of the recipient on the top. To make it a little more colourful, you may stick a small piece of white paper on the face of the envelope and then scribble the name in different colours. The final look turns out to be really elegant and smart.

    Black envelopes are also the appropriate cover options when you need to send formal business mails as black is considered the colour of authority and significance. A bold black colour would also help the recipient to identify your letter even if it is lying in pile of many other documents.

    Black envelopes are smart, elegant, stylish, and chic. If you really care about good impression of your mails, pictures and documents choose a black envelope to enclose it – your letter would indeed stand out!

    To purchase the finest black envelopes, please visit our website

  • Is Black the Right Colour for Envelopes?

    Not many people bother about the colour of envelopes while sending letters, official documents, greeting cards and invitations. However, choosing an appropriate colour, size and style for that outer covering of your letter can make a lot of difference – especially when you really want your letter to be read on time by the recipient. Placing letters in coloured envelopes makes sending and receiving letters extra special. Further, most of the documents received by people are typically enclosed in ordinary white envelopes and if you choose a bold colour for your letters, they will stand out in a pool of white. If you find it hard to choose an appropriate colour for your envelopes, simply go with black. Envelopes in black colour may be used for sending both formal and informal letters.

    One question that comes to mind while opting for black envelopes is ‘how to write on a black envelope?’ We generally use blue or black ink to write on paper but this will not work well on a black envelope – the scribbling will be difficult, if not impossible, to read.
    However, there are effective solutions for this problem and this is why black envelopes do sell! You may use metallic ink in a contrast colour – silver, golden, orange, light blue or yellow - to write on a black envelope. Alternatively, use labels that can be put on your black envelope. Using a label printer, you may also experiment with different fonts and designs to create an impressive label for your envelope. A bold black envelope with a label in contrast colour carries a distinct look and does look stylish.

    Want to add a special touch to the invitation cards for a special event? Enclosing the invitations in a black envelope gives them an elegant and classy look. Black envelopes may be used for sending invitations for any event – from birthdays and weddings to festive occasions and corporate functions. Though most people use white, ivory or cream coloured envelopes to send invitations for weddings, a black enclosing renders a distinct and classy look to the invitation.

    While choosing an appropriate black envelope for your letters, mails or invitation cards, make sure that you pick the right size and style. It is the size of the contents and how you wish to send them (folded or unfolded) that determine the kind of envelope to be used.
    Envelopes including the black ones are available in a wide variety of styles and you may choose from C4, C5, C6, A4, A5 and DL sizes.

    We may be living in a digital age but sending paper based letters is still a common practice. Why settle for trite, ordinary envelopes while sending yours? Let them stand out with a unique style and elegance by enclosing all special letters, invitations, pictures and documents in a classy black envelope.

    To purchase black envelopes with a few clicks from your home, simply visit:

  • A5 Envelopes - Cost Effective Options for Marketing Campaigns

    It is important to cut your overheads as much as possible. Postage costs are high these days. You could save money reducing the size of your customer contact literature and opting for smaller A5 envelopes. This will make your postage more cost effective.

    There are many great options these days when it comes to envelopes. You can choose from standard white options, subtle cream envelopes, through to modern translucent envelopes. It is important you choose the right envelope for your marketing campaigns. This will be the first point of contact with the recipient so you will want it to make a positive impact.

    Benefits of A5 Envelopes

    Taking the time to look for the best deals in cheap envelopes could add up to some good savings over time. There are many different types of envelopes available these days so stop for a moment and consider which would be best for your business. A5 envelopes can offer a number of benefits for your marketing campaigns:

    Save on Postage - in the UK postage costs are not just based on weight but envelope size as well. It makes sense to use a smaller A5 envelope to help cut expensive postage costs for your business.

    Save on Materials - paper manufacture is a big drain on the environment. You can fit A4 letters and leaflets into A5 envelopes easily by folding them. This means you can save paper by using these smaller envelopes for your business contact letters and marketing campaigns.

    If you are unsure which size envelope you need or which size paper will fit into a C5 envelope then check out our envelope size guide for help.

    Benefits of Translucent Envelopes

    You may not have used translucent envelopes for your business marketing campaigns before. However you should consider this option in future as it can offer some big benefits:

    Translucent envelopes allow the recipient to see clearly what they have received. This means they will assimilate a lot of data about your company without even opening the envelope.

    Translucent envelopes can increase mail security. You will be able to see at a glance what is inside the envelope.

    Translucent envelopes can be made from 100% recyclable materials (typically polypropylene) this is better for the environment and helps to reduce landfill.

    It is easy to print high quality colours and text on translucent envelopes. This gives you a lot of scope when it comes to creating eye-catching and appealing marketing mail-outs for your business.

    You should consider very carefully which envelopes you use in your next marketing campaign. Choosing the right envelope could have a big impact of the overall success of your marketing strategies. A black envelope, blue envelope, red, orange or yellow envelope will far outshine a plain white one!

    There are many benefits to using A5 and translucent envelopes for your business marketing campaigns. A5 envelopes could save on your postage costs and cut down on waste.

  • Envelopes: Essential part of communication strategy

    Whether it's a special occasion that requires you to send out invitations or you run a business that regularly uses various office supplies, there are a variety of envelopes available for purchase to get you the results you're looking for. Perhaps one of the most crucial elements to consider when purchasing Envelopes is the size. Depending on what you need to send, it is important to choose the proper envelope sizes that will not only get the contents delivered on time, but also prevent any damage to the contents. Major sizes that are popular today are C4, C5, C6 and DL in various styles.

    The size of the envelope you choose can depend on several factors. Volume of the document to be posted as well as safety and security can determine envelope size. A4 Envelopes are widely used in every walk of life to carry letters, greeting cards and various kinds of invitations. An envelope size of C4 can carry A4 size unfolded papers as well as other documents of the like. A DL envelope size is preferred for mailing private documents.

    We stock all the standard sizes - DL coloured envelopes for letters, C5 coloured envelopes, C4 and the small C6 envelopes too.

    If you want to attract the attention of people then you need to ensure that the colour of the envelope is in line with the content. We supply numerous colours of envelopes, we can guide you along the process of choosing one to suit your needs. Apart from conventional red, green, blue some innovative and appealing colour envelopes are pastel envelopes, luxurious grey envelopes, bright shocking pink envelopes, silver envelopes, gold envelopes, metallic coloured envelopes, vibrant coloured envelopes and translucent envelopes. If you want something even more unusual why not try our metallic foil bags or pearlescent envelopes for your next campaign?

    Different colours have different meanings to convey your messages. In the case of an invitation for a wedding or birthday you could consider bright colours. Likewise, if you want to send stationary, magazines or greetings cards then use some imaginative coloured envelope to make an impact. Other than vibrant colours we suggest some of the other envelopes we provide such as Black Envelopes. Remember that 'Black' symbolises the presence of all colours. Sending bulky items such as magazines sometimes need a little more room in the envelope - why not try Gusset Envelopes which expand at the sides to allow extra room!

  • Envelopes: Great Tool of Fascination

    Considering the importance of a first impression, envelopes can be very helpful for someone who cares about his/her relations. Envelopes have their own language and effectiveness, smart & conscious selection of envelopes for different occasions can serve your purpose.

    If you want to catch a desired response from the recipient then you are required to examine the aim of the contents. In other words, your objective of the inside content largely governs the colour, size and style of the envelope that will be used to mail. An envelope suitable for wedding invitation will never suit when it is used for a charity event. When you choose your envelopes with the same care as you use to pay on the contents/ingredients of the letter or cards, they will stand out from the rest of the group and will create great results.

    Let's take a look on the various envelope purposes. Envelopes are used for mailing letters, documents, parcels, notices and bills. Events such as Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversary's, Weddings, Valentine's Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Get Well Soon and Sympathy Cards all require a special envelope in compliance with the purpose. As far as business letters and documents are concerned, Black Envelopes are an eye catching and different premium choice for the job.

    On the other hand, when you are going to host a birthday party or sending invitation of wedding bright Coloured Envelopes are a great idea. There are envelopes available in every colour of the rainbow, each individual colour has its own meaning and it gives value to various occasions. Red envelopes - red is a vibrant, exciting, fiery, passionate and sexy colour. This is used in many different industries and works well to get attention. Black envelopes used for the right purpose can really stand out in the recipient's mailbox. White sounds innocent, clean, hygienic and refreshing. Blue denotes a sense of trust and reliability, so blue envelopes are a fantastic choice. Green is used to promote environmental causes while gold or silver envelopes can suggest luxury, expense, sophistication and exclusivity. A thin, cheap manilla brown envelope is not so great (think about those nasty bills you get in the post - you don't want your customers thinking this about your mail!), however natural brown ribbed or luxury String & Washer envelopes are fab and will get attention for their gorgeous vintage style! So, it is good to set a nice balance between aim of mail and colour of envelope.

    Printing of envelope is another major issue while selecting right envelope for right purpose. Custom print envelopes are in huge demand and can be of any size, weight, colour or design required by the customer. Specially made envelopes in different shapes can also be custom printed. There is a huge variety of envelopes, designs and colours to satisfy any need. From a tiny party invitation to a full sized magazine cover, from business contracts to a range of stationary customers can send their message in a beautiful, custom printed envelope.

    Size of the envelope depends upon volume of the document. From safety and security point of view size of the envelope can be changed. An envelope size of C4 can carry A4 size unfolded papers as well as other documents of the like. An envelope size of C6 is an opaque envelope hence keeping the content inside confidential. A DL envelope size is preferred for mailing private documents. Apart to it, a Custom Size Envelope can be used in either ways.

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