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  • Colour Trend Alert: Vibrant Rebellion

    Autumn may be upon us with darker evenings and grey skies, but the world of colour, fashion and art is rebelling against the season with the VIBRANT REBELLION trend providing a burst of uplifting vibrant multi-coloured palettes.

    Pantone present the VIBRANT REBELLION trend as a reflection of the times “sharing a belief that the future is theirs to design, young people are feeling empowered to create change. Demonstrating resilient hope and creativity, they are blending informed storytelling with playful, inclusive campaigns to get their message across.”

    Pantone Vibrant Rebellion Palette

    The PANTONE palette to support the trend includes Rosin, Poppy Red, Hot Pink, Marine Green, Maize, Amparo Blue and Lavender Aura.

    “Kitsch becomes cool as folk crafts experience a colorful, youthful update with an “embellished everything” approach.”

    A fabulous festival of colours, graphics and patterns, the Vibrant Rebellion trend is a burst of positivity.

    All Colour Envelopes Vibrant Rebellion Trend Palette

    Why not join the celebration of colour that 'Vibrant Rebellion' brings. Our coloured peel & seal envelopes are available in a spectrum of colours that complement the trend.  Click here to browse.

  • Rose Gold Envelopes - Your New Obsession!

    Rose gold – it's the colour of the moment and it’s no wonder - the soft pink copper metallic shade adds a sophisticated accent to pretty much anything!  Complementing both traditional and modern styling with a touch of chic glamour, it’s fair to say that rose gold is the colour of our time.

    The rise & rise of the rose gold trend

    The interest in rose gold began with jewellery (naturally), however it was when Pantone introduced ‘Rose Quartz’ as their Colour of the Year in 2016 that the trend really seemed to rise. With even the BBC citing it as 'the fashion trend that just won't go away' which you can read by following this link BBC Rose gold: The fashion trend that just won't go away  And it doesn't stop there with Pantone choosing Rose Quartz as a “symbolic colour selection; a colour snapshot of what we see taking place in our culture” and it must have hit a nerve as a major trend sparked for all things blush tone - like rose gold - and the obsession began.

    Rose Gold Trend

    With the rose gold trend in full flow (and still growing) it now spans all walks of life – from interior design to technology (hands up who has a rose gold iPhone), fashion accessories to stationery. And to all those who were thinking this pink blush shade is “girly” you might be interested to know that the rose gold iPhone is so popular with men that it is even being nicknamed “bro’s gold”!

    Introducing Rose Gold Envelopes

    In a world that is adorned with the elegance of rose gold, surely your envelopes should be too? We thought so, which is why we are excited to introduce our Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes. We have created our Rose Gold Blush Envelopes in 2 different styles – glossy, lumious "metallic" finish and sophisticated, classic "matt" finish. Both are available in sizes C5+ and 100 x 185mm.

    Rose Gold Blush Bubble Bag

    The Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes are exclusive to All Colour Envelopes. This range is part of our On-Trend Envelope Collection - contemporary classic shades that allow you to present your mail with ultimate style!

    Creating an impression with envelopes

    Whether for business or personal use, when you send a piece of mail you are creating an impression to the recipient, which can evoke emotions. Consider the difference in how you feel on, say, a shopping trip when you make a purchase and get handed your new item in a bag to take home. Walking out of a store with a beautiful high-end designer bag on your arm will almost certainly make you feel on a high, while a standard plain plastic carrier bag may evoke a more nonchalant feeling. Both bags serve the same purpose, but rouse different emotions.

    This is the same with mail and important to consider in business. When your customer receives a package that looks extra special, they feel extra special. They remember you and they are more likely to purchase again to get that same special feeling.

    If the world is obsessed with rose gold, then imagine the emotions you could spark in your customers if they receive a package from you in the post that is also rose gold! Our Rose Gold Blush Bubble Bags are the must-have envelope for all who want to give an impression of luxury, glamour and style.

    Rose Gold Bubble Mailer

    Who is the Rose Gold Bubble Envelope range suitable for?

    The rose gold (or "bro's gold") trend spans all walks of life currently, so in theory – anyone. However we have had a high level of interest in our Rose Gold Padded Envelopes from customers in the following industry sectors:

    • Beauty & healthcare
    • Creative arts & design
    • Marketing, advertising & PR
    • Retail
    • Hospitality & events

    Rose Gold Padded Envelope sizes

    We currently stock 2 different sizes of Rose Gold Padded Envelopes as below:

    C5 Rose Gold Bubble Bags, which measure 180mm x 250mm internal dimensions. This size is designed to fit A5 papers/documents but is also ideal for

    • Cosmetics & beauty products
    • Small clothing garments
    • Small fashion accessories
    • Mobile phones
    • DVD’s & video games
    • Teeth whitening kits
    • Vaping kits
    • Notebooks & stationery
    • Marketing & promotional items

    For full details of our C5 Matt Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE
    For full details of our C5 Metallic Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE

    Our smaller 100 x 185mm Rose Gold Bubble Bags are the ideal size for

    • Mobile phone cases & screen protectors
    • Small beauty products
    • Small stationery
    • Jewellery
    • Cosmetics
    • Marketing & promotional items

    For full details of our 100 x 185 Matt Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE
    For full details of our 100 x 185 Metallic Rose Gold Blush Bubble Envelopes CLICK HERE

    We always recommend trying a sample of our envelopes before you purchase a full box. This way you can ensure the perfect fit for the contents. We offer a free sample service for all our envelopes. Simply click the “request a free sample” button on the product page of your chosen envelope to order.

    CLICK HERE to view the full Rose Gold Bubble Bag range.

  • Introducing Stunning Butterfly Wedding Envelopes

    We're pleased to announce the arrival of a new range in store - our stunning Butterfly Wedding Envelopes.

    Made from super luxurious 250gsm paper, these gorgeous envelopes have a slight texture to the outer and a metallic sheen finish, giving the impression of real decadence.

    Butterfly Wedding Envelopes

    Unlike a standard envelope, where you would slip the contents in, with the Butterfly Envelopes each curved side folds in to hold the envelope contents (be it an invitation, gift voucher or thank you card) and closes using the 'butterfly' cut out. The unique butterfly 'tuck flap' closure makes for not only a lovely feature, but a reclosable option too!

    White, Red & Slate Butterfly Envelopes

    The reaction we've had to this new range already has been outstanding. The White Butterfly Envelopes have instantly become a high demand wedding invitation envelope, while we've found the Bronze and Pure Gold Butterfly Envelopes have had high interest for exclusive event invitations!

    The Butterfly Wedding Envelopes are available in 4 sizes - C7, C6, C5 and DL. Don't think they are just for weddings. The DL size make for a really quite special Gift Voucher Envelope, while the larger C5 would be just perfect as Award Ceremony Envelopes!

    Gold Butterfly Envelopes

    With a range of 9 colours to choose from, there should be a Butterfly Envelope to suit every colour scheme. Choose from Silver, White, Slate Black, Bronze, Navy Blue, Pure Gold, Golden or Baby Pink.

    Want to see more? CLICK HERE to see the full range of Butterfly Wedding Envelopes, or give us a call on 01273 486026 for more info.

    Don't forget we offer a free sample service, if you'd like to see just how beautiful these envelopes are before you choose them for your wedding or event.

  • Spring Trends & Why Yellow Envelopes ROCK!

    It may not seem like Spring is quite on the way yet from the weather, but mid-February is key time for organising your Spring mailing. Muted and pastel colour shades are huge this year and with the recent release of the Pantone Spring 2016 Colour Report, all eyes are on colour trends!

    Pastel Envelopes

    Pastel envelopes colour palette

    Take inspiration and choose one of our stunning Pastel Envelopes - a colour palette that's on trend for the season, packaged up in beautiful high quality 120gsm paper. The perfect outer to your Spring marketing material.

    If you're unsure which gorgeous shade to choose, our top tip is YELLOW. Scroll down to find out why....

    yellow envelopes get the best response rates

    GO YELLOW! Combine the colour trend of the season with our proven 'top tip' for colour choice and you're on to a sure fire winner.

    We undertake regular split testing of our coloured envelopes and monitor response rates. A YELLOW COLOURED ENVELOPE has proven time and time again to give the best response rates against other colours in direct mail campaigns.

    Choose our stunning Sunlight Yellow Envelopes for ultimate success this Spring!

  • String & Washer Envelopes – As Seen in James Bond Spectre

    Always with our eye on envelopes, we couldn’t help but notice the presence of one of our String & Washer Envelopes in the recent James Bond feature film, Spectre!

    Did you see it too? Perhaps you missed it? But if you’re yet to watch the twenty-fourth James Bond film, featuring Daniel Craig as the lead (or due a second viewing), then keep your eyes peeled.

    James Bond Spectre Film

    Within the first section of Spectre we see the iconic character Miss Moneypenny (played by Naomie Harris in this feature) hand a black box to Bond, stating it contains the remains from Skyfall (his previous adventure).

    We later see Bond sat on his sofa, looking through said box of remains. Within the contents, a particularly familiar envelope is shown – a C4 Manilla String & Washer Envelope. This envelope contains items key to the storyline of Spectre.

    Bond Spectre on Sofa (String & Washer Envelopes)

    Contents of James Bond Envelope

    In a film of such magnitude, you can imagine the attention to details involved in every single item on screen. The String & Washer Envelope was chosen, no doubt, for it’s stylish and unique appearance (it’s one of our favourites too!). Although not quite on the scale of the spectacular Aston Martin car featured in Spectre, it is still one of the props within in this big budget film and a fabulous one too, we think.

    String & Washer Envelopes - James Bond Spectre

    It’s not the first time the Manilla String & Washer envelope has made the big time either. For those of you who watched the 50 Shades of Grey movie earlier this year (you filthy lot), you may recall the scene where the lead character, Christian Grey, hands Anastasia her ‘contract’. He too uses a C4 Manilla String & Washer Envelope.

    If it’s good enough for the likes of 007 and Christian Grey, they are most definitely good enough for us. It would seem that C4 Manilla String & Washer Envelopes are the choice of Hollywood!

    CLICK HERE to get your String & Washer Envelopes from All Colour Envelopes.

  • Gorgeous Grey Envelopes

    Grey is definitely the new Black in the world of envelopes. Our various shades of grey envelopes are fast becoming the most requested samples. From dark to light, the popularity of the grey envelope is ever growing!

    shades of grey envelopes

    An elegant alternative to white (or black envelopes), our French Grey Envelopes, Graphite Grey Envelopes and new Storm Grey Envelopes are all eye-catching, yet subtle.

    A classic shade of grey in a high quality 120gsm paper exudes luxury and elegance. Psychologically, the colour grey gives an impression of calmness and confidence too. A perfect choice for high-end mailings and branding.

    Check out our range of grey envelopes in light, mid and dark shades. Why not request a free sample and see for yourself!

    • Storm Grey Envelopes >>
    • Graphite Grey Envelopes >>
    • French Grey Envelopes >>

  • How Coloured Envelopes Can Improve Your Business

    It’s a competitive world out there and we’re all in business for the same reasons – to make money. While every company has a different approach to their day-to-day life, the end target is the same – increase sales to make more money. Marketing and promotion play a key part in achieving this.

    Direct mail is more trusted

    We’re living in a digital age, so an email or online promotion may seem the obvious way to go, but is it the most effective? Email marketing has it’s place, there’s no doubt about that, but direct mail marketing has so many advantages:

    • Significantly better response rates when approaching new customers

    • Recipients feel more valued - receiving a letter made 57% of people feel valued (as opposed to just 17% receiving an email)

    • You appear more trustworthy – 25% of consumers consider direct mail more trustworthy than email offers

    • You’re more likely to be remembered -  80% of adults keep some mail sent to them by companies in the last 4 weeks

    • You’ll get shared - 23% of all mail gets passed round the household

    • Higher delivery rate – around 50% of all emails end up in a ‘spam’ folder, while only 5% of direct mail is un-deliverable!

    Let’s take this a step further. You’re probably thinking ‘how can I get the best results from my direct mailing?’ You can have the most fantastic leaflet, letter, brochure or promotion on offer, but if your recipient doesn’t open that envelope to see it, then it’s completely wasted.

    coloured envelopes A selection of our Coloured Envelopes, featured here in C6, C5 & DL


    So, which is the best envelope to use for direct mailing? A coloured envelope is 9 times more likely to be opened than a plain white one. So you could choose a colour of envelope to match your brand (perhaps a subtle yet intriguing grey envelope),  product or quite simply the time of year (such as red for Valentines Day, or green envelopes at Xmas), instantly improving your open rate 9-fold - wow! Or you could take a cheeky little tip from us and go for a bright yellow envelope. In split testing, our Canary Yellow Envelopes had significantly higher response rates than any other colour tested!

    Coloured Envelopes are 9x Better

    Let’s look outside the ‘promotion’ box for a moment. Branding and packaging is equally as important. Think back to the last few items you received in the mail – do you recall clearly each letter that arrived in a white window envelope? Or every package in a plain manilla brown box? Probably not!

    Now, if you’d received a bright, shiny metallic purple bubble bag or, say a cow print envelope, would you remember this? Definitely! You’d remember the company, probably feel a bit special, most likely tell your friends and certainly be more likely to re-order.

    You’ve heard the statistic that a happy customer tells 3 friends. Well, an impressed customer tells a lot more than 3! They seem to tell their entire Twitter and Facebook feed (so potentially thousands), as many of our customers have reported back to us. Wowed by that bright yellow gloss bubble envelope or shiny purple foil bag, recipients love to photograph their unexpected beautiful packaging – then upload, tag and share with the world! You can’t buy advertising like that.

    Don't forget to consider envelope size too. Standard sizes like DL envelopes, C5 envelopes and C4 envelopes are all available in colour format, but the cost of postage varies on size. First point is to choose your contents, then envelope colour, then envelope size! If you need a little assistance with envelope sizing then check out our handy envelope size guide.

    Whatever your mailing, if you want to get opened, create an impression, be remembered and make your customers feel that extra bit special, then it’s all about coloured envelopes!

    Call 01273 486026 or head to to view an extensive product range, prices and more info.


  • Have you heard about String and Washer envelopes

    Everyone's talking about String & Washer envelopes...

    Have you heard the buzz? Whether for business or personal use, our String & Washer envelopes are certain to impress.

    String & Washer Envelopes

    Unusual, eye-catching and sure to get you noticed, making a great choice for advertising and branding campaigns. The unique button and twine fastening not only looks fabulous and retro, it means the envelope is re-usable too, so ideal for internal business post and for those eco-conscious folk!

    Red, black & manilla string washer envelopes Open string and washer envelope photo

    With gusset feature available in many sizes (including DL!) they are a fantastic choice for marketing packs, gifts and samples. Available in C4, C5, C6 and DL sizes and black, red or manilla colours to choose from.

    CLICK HERE to check out the String & Washer Envelopes available from

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