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Just for fun

  • Top 5 Bizarre Things You Can Mail

    Bizarre things in the mail

    What’s the strangest thing you’ve received in the mail? If you’re anything like the average household, your weekly mail received probably consists of a few envelopes with letters or bills, perhaps a birthday card and some online shopping. Pretty standard. Nothing too bizarre.

    Historically the rules and regulations as to what you could send by mail were quite loose and in fact the Post Office Guide in 1900 stated you could even mail living creatures, providing they were “larger than a bee but smaller than an elephant”, so it was totally legal and not out of the ordinary to receive a live (or dead) chicken or pheasant with simply an address label round it’s neck!  You could even post YOURSELF! An eccentric accountant from South-East London, W Reginald Bray, sent himself through the mail so many times he earned himself a nickname of “The Human Letter”.

    Thankfully (and luckily for the postie) times have changed and you no longer need worry about receiving a box of live scorpions or such. But there are still some pretty crazy things you can send in the mail. Here’s our top 5:


    Send a potato in the post

    Not just a potato – a potato with a message. And goggly eyes, if you wish! The guys at Spudpost will personalise a potato with your message and send anonymously to your recipient. Who wouldn’t want to receive a potato from a secret admirer, eh?!



    Send a glitter bomb in the post

    Now we think this one works pretty well if you fancy a little light-hearted revenge. GlitterBoom will send a letter packed full of glitter to whoever you choose, so when they open it they’ll be absolutely showered in glitter! Nothing quite as annoying as trying to wash away and clear up a glitter leak *insert evil laugh here*



    Send a coconut in the post

    We love this one!  A rural Post Office in a little town called Ho`olehua on the Hawaiian island of Molokai will post out real Hawaiian coconuts. You can even get the coconuts designed, painted beautifully and complete with your message, then posted anywhere in the world. We want one!



    Send a flip-flop in the post

    Your message, quite simply, on a flip-flop. An American company called Flip-Flop Mail will do this for you, but sadly only ship within the US, but why not try for yourself? Grab a flip-flop, jot a message and an address on, stick on your postage stamp and pop it in the post box! You could even take it a step further and send flip-flops as party or wedding invitations!


    • A FART

    Send a fart in the post

    Yes, a fart! Fart smell. Fart sound. Mailed anywhere! We’ll leave it there, but feel free to check out if you’re curious!

    Fun, yes… but we’re still pretty keen on envelopes!

  • How to open a bottle of beer with an envelope!

    Wanna see something pretty awesome you didn't know was possible, using a simple little envelope? Check out the video below for a pretty cool demonstration of how you can open a bottle of beer with an envelope!

    Perfect for those summer days when you can't find a bottle opener. Better still, crack open a cold one with that envelope you got your gas/electric/tax bill in for additional satisfaction ;-)

    We're off to give this a try.... for research purposes obviously. Not just cause it's a nice excuse for a beer on a Thursday afternoon!

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