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Monthly Archives: August 2010

  • The Coloured Envelopes - Stand out from the Crowd

    In our digital era, where communication is instantaneous, there's something spine-tingling and special about receiving a coloured envelope through the door.

    Green envelopes, purple envelopes, gold envelopes, grey envelopes...coloured envelopes can leave your heart aflutter! Never more so than in today's digital-saturated world where communication is fast and cheap. If you want your words to really stand out from the crowd, coloured envelopes speak volumes.

    Say it like you mean it

    When it comes to some things in life, it's important to invest the occasion with the time and love it deserves. Wedding invites, birthday cards, anniversary messages, love letters or get well cards are all about expressing the depth of your emotion. A flimsy scrap of paper in a white business envelope says to the sender you've not put much sentiment or thought into your message. Coloured envelopes offer an eye-catching way to really say what you feel. Gold envelopes add a special touch to a wedding invite, conveying the value of the letter inside. Pink envelopes are a fun way to invite friends to a Hen party or a girl's birthday bash. Silver envelopes offer a classy statement to carry well wishes and congratulations. Black envelopes are a sexy-stand out way to deliver a steamy love letter.

    Coloured envelopes - Express yourself

    Translucent, vibrant and iridescent - there's a fantastic range of coloured envelopes to choose from to really express your style. If you only post letters occasionally and do most of your routine communication via email or online, make sure you put some pizzazz into your post and make it really matter. Letter can literally transform lives. Unlike throwaway emails, cards and letters are a more appropriate way of breaking news, announcing love or offering condolences. Letters can carry news of births and marriages, job offers or university placements, birthday presents and loved ones. Rediscover the art of letter writing by investing in fantastically coloured envelopes, so you're always prepared to send the right message, no matter what the occasion.

    The Romance of Letters

    The anticipation of seeing a gold envelope land on your door mat is something that can�t be replicated by an email or text message. Coloured envelopes can contain a world of exciting news, invites or greetings � showing someone that you care enough to put a little colour into their lives. Put the magic into someone�s day with a gold envelope, silver envelope or pink envelope to really deliver a smile on someone�s face. Post has never been rarer as computers and mobiles dominate how we communicate, and the fewer letters we get the more special they become. Isn�t it time you took the time to really express yourself through the romance and joy of letters?

    Add a Little Brightness to your Life with All Colour Envelopes
    All Colour Envelopes are a leading online supplier offering a fantastic selection of envelopes in a wide variety of colours, textures and sizes. As a family-run business with over 60 years� combined experience, we can offer you the best products and service. Have a question? Call 01273 486026 or email

  • A Lament for Letters'

    Letter writing transcends texts or email. Letters can be treasured and kept. And there's something deeply aesthetic about the physical quality of paper, coloured envelopes and ink. But a British survey has revealed that many children haven't experienced the small thrill of finding an envelope on their doorstep. And there's nothing more depressing than a bill and junk mail in your post on your birthday. A colourful envelope is a prerequisite. A birthday haul of bills and bank statements is no way to start your day. Familiar scrawls, big colourful envelopes filling up the post box are fast becoming a thing of the past as people swap their lovingly chosen cards and envelopes for a quick 'happy birthday' on your Facebook wall.

    For those who have never experienced the joy of receiving coloured envelopes falling through the door, it's a sorry state of affairs. The poll found a fifth of British children aged seven to fourteen have never received a letter, with one-tenth never having sent one. Kids now use MSN and social networking to keep in touch. But get ready for a cool renaissance of letter writing as once kids catch on to the thrill of receiving envelopes, the trend will take off. As one 14 year old said after writing his first ever handwritten letter and awaiting a reply for a pen pal as part of a school assignment: "It was really cool getting a letter with my name on it."

    Receiving coloured envelopes and handwritten letters is something really special. And putting pen to paper gives you time to really process your thoughts and think about the words you use, expand your ideas or improve your prose. For those who love letters, they'll no doubt have an archive of letters that help them reconnect with their past and lost loves, and with email you don't get to linger over a 'love dad' remark

  • A Life of Buying Letters ..

    For anyone who has read books such as The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society or 84, Charring Cross Road, you�ll know of the exquisite joy, humour, character and life that letter writing can bring in fiction and real life. Letter writing is ultimately the art of story telling. And letters over the years have enriched our literary world and personal lives.

    Publishing giants such as Diane Athill are famous for a life of letters. In an interview with the Observer magazine the reporter wrote of her sitting in her favourite chair �surrounded by piles of letters from her past�. These letters have been archived in Tulsa University thanks to her correspondence with some leading literary names of her time including author of Wide Sargasso Sea, Jean Rhys, providing a fascinating insight. Athill was Rhys�s editor and confidante. She talks of the joy of going over the letters again � like a doorway into another life.

    Letters certainly enrich life and keep memories alive as well as offering a life line to some. Alan Bennett�s famous Lady of Letters dramatic monologue became a popular hit in 1987 and one of the best-selling audio book releases of all time, featuring on A-level and GCSE English syllabuses. Bennett�s character Irene Ruddock is lonely and lives alone. She writes to everyone, being a nosy busy body � writing to MPs, the police, even the chemist, righting the social ills she sees around her. Her letters land her in prison with the twist being that that�s where she finally feels free for the first time in her life as she�s no longer alone.

  • The History of the Lucky Red Envelope�

    Here at All Colour Envelopes, we offer a wide range of coloured envelopes for business and for personal use. Whether you are using coloured envelopes for a marketing campaign or to send greeting cards to loved ones, there is so much behind the colours that we choose.

    In the UK, we associate the colour red with love, passion and romance, but in South East Asia, a red envelope means so much more�

    Red envelopes, also known as �lucky envelopes� or �lai-see� is a Chinese tradition which is popular for Chinese New Year and other celebrations throughout the year. Red envelopes traditionally contain money for the recipient and the intricate gold detailing on the envelope�s exterior express messages of good tidings and general good luck.

    If you�re planning your Direct Mail campaign calendar, perhaps this is something to think about for Chinese New Year?

    Shop online today and find a whole range of coloured envelopes, including gold envelopes, silver envelopes, sleek and stylish black envelopes, pastel envelopes, metallic or pearlescent envelopes and more.

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